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Ghost town?

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Re: Ghost town?

PostFri Sep 04, 2015 3:24 am

I have a few theories as to why.

1. people have lives. I get busy, I moved on to new devices, for instance
2. Players need updates. Players get bored and need some more stuff to do once they've reached "meta game"
3. Players have no imagination. It comes with the field. Many people simply need to be told what to do to have fun. In a sandbox game, they need to have set goals, and are incapable of making any for themselves. (if you get to this world you win.)
4. Over-moderation. The exessive, overzealous, and mostly strict moderation has reduced a lot of the spontaneous posts in fear of being locked or removed altogether for trivial things like double posting or "not following the topic exactly"
5. Online Multiplayer. This may have reduced the amount of people on the forums, because the online aspect has removed the need for many people who can get information from in-game players. It removed the middle-man, and the risk of being strictly moderated.
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