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[WIP] Wolven Era

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[WIP] Wolven Era

PostSat Jul 25, 2015 3:48 pm


Hey everyone, basically I am planning a series (hopefully...) of stories that will be about wolves, not any wolf in particular but different ones in most stories. The stories will be divided into parts that will hopefully allow you to pick up and read even if you haven't read from the beginning.

The stories will not come an a set schedule, but hopefully reasonably frequently. If the stories are able to survive, eg. People are actually wanting more, I will keep on doing them as long as I can. Each story won't be that long, but should be posted often.

The first story will hopefully be up soon, the stories will be posting on, at the moment:
-Tumblr (Username: WolvenEra)
-Wattpad (Username: WolvenEra)

[EDIT: First Story is up on both Tumblr and Wattpad]

Whatever platform I find is better will be the one I stick to. The stories will be the same for both apps so no exclusives.

I will post when the first story is up and I hope some people will be able to check them out. :)

Also, some of the characters' personalities are based on people in this forums.



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Re: [WIP] Wolven Era

PostMon Jul 27, 2015 4:53 am

Fancy, fancy...can't wait! :D
Sincerely, Solly.

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