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[URGENT] TPP details

PostPosted: Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:46 pm
by Snoop Frogg
So, the details of the Trans Pacific Partnership have come out recently, and they are horrendous. The details of it regarding the Internet are that the bill will:

-Require ISPs to take down a site WITHOUT a court order (article 18, section J)

-Basically criminalize corporate whistleblowing in cases of corporate wrongdoing (article 18.78)

-Export the worst parts of US copyright law and not mandate Fair Use (article 18.63)

-Make it illegal to unlock, modify, or tinker with a device that you own (i.e. Jailbreaking a phone or device would be illegal) (article 18.68)

-Give companies the right to sue governments for not protecting their IP (article 9, ISDS)

What this would mean, essentially, would be the end of free speech and of many types of content creation on the Internet. Certainly most of the gaming channels on YouTube would be killed by this bill, as well as sites like newgrounds, Reddit, and many more.

It'd be terrible if this bill passed. But there is something that we can do: spread the word of this atrocity to every person who uses the Internet. Please, please, PLEASE tell everyone you know about this -- because if we do nothing, the internet's going to die.

Re: [URGENT] TPP details

PostPosted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 7:27 pm
by qazedc1212
I signed the petition with the loading icon, I can't seriously take it seriously. It's gonna end up like SOPA