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Gateway to Legend

PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:34 am
by 123outerme
Gateway to Legend is an open-source Puzzle-RPG. The main focus of the game will obviously be solving puzzles to get experience, as any Puzzle-RPG would have it, but the mechanics that make this game unique is that most puzzle mechanics will be based off doors or gates! Switches and door pairs allow you to gain access to rooms, teleporters provide gates between two places on the map, and more! It also supports the development and easy integration of user-generated content, as well; you can make puzzle map-packs for this project! I've done quite a bit of work on this engine so far, and I'd like to show it off. Here's what I have so far:

Thanks to my friend, I have released a new update video for Gateway to Legend! I've added music! The main theme plays upon launching the game. There will be 3 overworld pieces. The boss theme plays upon triggering a boss. We also have plans for more tracks than just those!
In this video, I show off the work I've done with enemies and pathfinding, music, and sound effects! I implemented sound for various things like doors, sword swings, selecting menu options, and more!
There are 3 enemy types: Fast but low damage and HP moving straight to you, slow but higher damage and HP, taking a slower, more methodical path, and a third, which totally ignores collision.

There's also a map-pack wizard that helps user-generated content, as far as the programs go. I need some help drumming up some ideas for many different sections of the game, so I have my Github repository over here, and I would very much appreciate any help from the community, from suggestions, to offering to help with code. This project will be pretty big and pretty complex!

Other Stuff:
* Join my Discord! I post more frequent updates there.
* Take a look at my website I wrote!
* See my GameJolt Page!

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 7:29 pm
by 123outerme
I've added smooth scrolling, after much request for it. After two RPGs that handle only screen-sized maps, I have finally added a much-requested feature!

As well, I have added one Discord user _iPhoenix_ 's overworld music, fully integrated the map-pack toolchain, and more!

Music is almost done. I need one more track. The engine is almost done. I need to implement one more type of script, fix any bugs, and a few more things. The toolchain is almost done. I need to implement a few more features and allow two more script types to be fully edited. The only facet of the game I have any substantial amount of work left for is map-packs. Again, I have lagged behind making maps. Not because it's hard, but just because every time I go to make maps, I remember a feature that I wanted to implement before making the map :P

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:37 pm
by TwelveFoot
Sounds cool.

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PostPosted: Sat May 26, 2018 4:55 am
by 123outerme
TwelveFoot wrote:Sounds cool.

Thanks! I'm hard at work here. It may not be a visually polished game right now (mostly because I'm pretty bad at graphic design), but don't worry, I'm making plans to change that!

While I'm doing background work on the engine (mainly adding features to the Toolchain and adding the last script into the game), I have been working on my related side-project, the GtL webpage. Meant to be a source of information, documentation, and a collection of links, I had a bright idea: why not host map-packs online? So, I set out to working with Firebase to implement this. As I didn't post anything about this along the way, I'll instead recap and explain some Discord announcements and posts I sent to my GtL Discord. Click the link to join if you're interested!

So my project has started to take shape, and I've made this website:
It adds rudimentary map-pack upload and download support. It will support a download counter as well as a like button. Once I actually release Gateway, I imagine this will be used a lot more, but for now we have this

My first announcement of the site. It had just launched with bare-bones upload/download support. It had a dummy download and like counter. No way to post map-packs with a certain type, description, or even see the profile picture of the person who uploaded it.

I've added the second-to-last script type editor, the one for the BossActions script! Now you can fully script bosses. Related to that, I changed the format of the BossActions script so now, it uses coordinates instead of X/Y velocities. I also revamped text input (and more noticeably, the Change FPS setting) to add just numerical input!

Today, I got back to working on the actual game and added editing to BossActions. BossActions has been functional for months, but I've been putting off creating the editor, since there were so many parts to it. I had to have the player choose what tiles the boss is, how much HP, and then figure out a way to have them define a variable amount of points for the boss to move to. However, I finally put that task to bed. Just one more script to create, and then that should be totally done! Also, I added an input method just for numbers, so you can't try to break the system by inputting text in a number-only input.

Since I'm feeling productive today, I also updated the map-pack webpage. Now, the Download (now View) button for each listing on the Download Map-Packs page redirects to the View page for each map-pack, where you can read about it, vote on it, and download it. I think I will add more such as an actual forum, as well
Ok last update (hopefully not for a while like it seems to be). I finally added the ability to like map-packs! The server keeps track of if you have liked or not, and will add or subtract a like depending on which you have done, when you press like. I'm gonna go ahead and style buttons tomorrow, as well as adding more information on the View page, such as likes and downloads. Perhaps I'll make a Comments field as well

I just updated the map-pack webpage to add a lot more to the Download and View pages, as well as making some things auto-load. I still haven't decided what I want on the Index of the page. Most likely a search function and featured map-packs. As you see, I am also debating adding a comments field to map-pack uploads, and adding a full forum! I think it's within my scope, although hopefully it won't become super popular, or my Firebase plan won't be able to handle the traffic!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 2:48 am
by 123outerme

I've added all script types! The one showed off most prominently (and probably a little too much for the final version of that map-pack) is the Animation script! Once the user walks into the trigger area, a sprite will move around onscreen in a pre-determined fashion. According to the map-pack creator, the sprite can initiate a text box after it's done moving, stay onscreen until another is activated, and more.

As well, this marks the first public beta release. I have gone ahead and added it to my Github releases here: ... tag/0.9.0b

This script type also has its editor implemented, meaning all map-pack features planned are now implemented! Some other things are not finished yet, though. As to be expected from a beta release. However, I have more done than I actually have realized up until now, so I'm looking forward to releasing, hopefully within the next couple of months. It could be sooner, or possibly later, though.

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 25, 2018 1:12 am
by 123outerme ... g/v0.10.0b

v0.10.0b has been released! The secend public beta release comes with some new stuff. I've added a transition screen between the main menu and playing a map-pack. I've also added proper death handling, including a Game Over menu and relevant options. Menus have received proper click support, so clicking on options will now activate, scroll, etc. as they should. One new event tile has been implemented: the Boss Door! The boss door will open automatically when the boss on that screen is defeated and remain permanently open. As a result, event tile maps have been shifted down by one to add this tile next to the other door tiles. This means maps made before this change will most likely have wrong tiles in place of spikes, gateways, and enemies, as well as a few other tiles.
Video showing off the most recent progress!

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 07, 2018 3:58 am
by 123outerme
Version 0.11.0b is now out! Lots of new things have been implemented, buggy or confusing behavior has been fixed, and I finally added enemies the transition screens (Although I may not have shown it off fully)!
Download the new release here: ... d/releases

Patch Notes:
Open Spoiler
* Added three new abilities: Spin, Illusion, and Laser. One more is planned, but I don't see why I can't add more if I find more than one good ability to add.
* Added enemies' proper positions to transition screens (scrolling, Gateway animation)
* Changed pathfinding of Enemy 2 (ghost enemy) to move in a straight-ish line directly towards the player
* Updated water sprite in default tileset.
* Added mouse support to volume changing and different toolchain menus.
* Menus now show which item you are about to select with your mouse
* Added the Settings menu to the Overworld pause menu.
* Added and fixed more maps.
* Fixed bug: Boss action editing and animation editing would display movement patterns inaccurately mostly
* Fixed Linux bug: After the movement part of an Animation script has completed, the game would crash.
* Tweaked the toolchain a bit.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:44 pm
by 123outerme
Version 0.12.0b is hitting metaphorical store shelves! Dropping with new content, fixes, streamlines and more! This update has more changelog entries than any of the past ones so far. Most changes aren't additions to gameplay, but rather changes and minor improvements. These include more SFX, streamlined menus and controls, bug fixes, and more.

Download the new release here: ... d/releases

Open Spoiler
* Added lots more maps & content
* Added 3 new SFX: One for dash, one for pausing, and one for being healed by a HurtPlayer script
* Added Back button to Map Creator's Save/Discard menu
* Added backup keymap to Map Creator's tile switcher ([Q] becomes [-], [E] becomes [=])
*Generated scripts will now include comments to describe roughly what the script does
* Removed some options for keymaps ([LCtrl], [RCtrl], [-], and [=])
* Revamped help menus and added informative screenshots to some Help menus
* Reduced menuing to get to popular options
* Fixed the first boss' fighting pattern to prevent standing in one spot and attacking
* Fixed minor issues with toolchain
* Fixed issue that sometimes prevented user from quitting out immediately when trying to close the window
* Fixed issue where using the sword then shooting a laser while sword's on cooldown removes the laser's hitbox
* Fixed quite a few crashes/accidental immediate quits (where the program would accidentally think you want to close the window)

One bug remains:
* All: After quitting the game, cleanup will sometimes crash (essentially unnoticeable, but I'm still fixing it)

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:48 am
by 123outerme
Gateway to Legend v0.13.0b is finally out! Many new features, improvements, and tons of bug fixes implemented into this (hopefully) final beta version.
Download here: ... d/releases

Open Spoiler
* Added all intended maps for the Main Adventure and Tutorial map-packs
* Added last music track
* Added final Ability: Charge, a headlong invincible sprint, sticking your sword out
* You can no longer switch Abilities from the Pause menu. This is to streamline gameplay and discourage frequent pausing.
* Fixed Continue option on Game Over screen throwing player into a random area
* Fixed glitchy sword hit graphics/particle graphics
* Fixed problems with toolchain
* Fixed lots of crashes on Linux machines (usually involving mismanaged memory)
* Fixed various other small things
* Reworked trigger_dialogue_once script (aka TriggerDiagOnce) into force_dialogue_once (aka ForceDiagOnce)
* Downloads: Added Makefile to

No known bugs remain.

And finally, be prepared...

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 2:33 am
by 123outerme
Here it is. Finally, after a long public beta, Gateway to Legend releases! Version 1.0.0 is now publicly available. The finished version can be downloaded today! Take a look at how far we've come with this video:

I want to thank my Discord server (link in the video description), my friends, anyone who contributed ideas, art, music, suggestions, and bug reports. I want to give a special thanks to my best friend Ian, and @_iPhoenix_ , who worked together to create the music for this game.

Download here: ... d/releases
And share any creations you'll make here:

And thanks for playing!