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The flawless adventures of zero and others

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The flawless adventures of zero and others

PostFri Jun 13, 2014 4:50 am

So here, you post your normal or strange (and maybe flawless) adventures you had in minecraft.

My story:
So, some minutes before, i played some minecraft 1.5.2 with my mods and i was learning to use the new mod i had installed before called legend gear (TLOZ gear). Some tests with items later, i had the great idea to go to nether. After i got to nether, i decided to throw a zombie pigmen to the lava and kill it with my boomerang. After i killed him, i escaped from other enraged zombie pigs. Maybe they knew i killed his friend. Moments after the chase the chase, i got badly hurt, with low health, but i used my goldest apple to cure myself. Then, i threw another zombie pigmen to the lava and damaged him with my boomerang. But, before finishing him, i charged my bomb arrows. I had shoot him and his body parts went flying before falling in the lava. After that, i saved some things and exited.
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Re: The flawless adventures of zero and others

PostFri Jun 13, 2014 9:50 pm

I was playing a modpack, I joined a server whilst an admin was destroying everything and abusing every single command and OFCOURSE me, the new guy, gets all the fault those freakings kids where like "is barbariczar he hack" "huurrrr ban barbariczar" I was like, "Da hell? I Just joined how the f*** am i supposed to hack an admin and destroy everything" and it kept on going like that, "huurrr me kid, me blame new dude cause me perfect hurrr" I was like "F*** this." BarbaricZar has left the game :D
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