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Mongoose Country - Whitelisted

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 10:20 am
by Multipackwolf
Mongoose Country is a whitelisted server. To get access, you'll need to either buy-in ($50) or be lucky enough to be selected via an application form.

Mongoose Country is a close-knit group of Minecraft players who just want a server where they can build in peace, have a bit of fun, and not have to worry about people trying to kill them every 24 seconds.
The server is survival, with up to 50 people on at one time, but you'll rarely see it above 15.

The server has different ranks as well, from a simple ($0) member, all the way up to ($1200) Forerunner. Donations also stack, so you could donate $10 for the Donor rank, and then another $30 5 months down the track and you'll be boosted to Sponsor rank (Which is $40)
If you choose to Buy-in, you'll be instant Sponsor rank.

Here are a list of ranks and perks:

$0 Member
Inheritance: none
/tpaccept accepts a tp request
/tpdeny denies a tp request
/sethome use /home to warp back to this point
/mail <read|clear|send [player] [message]> view and send mail to other members
/rules View our basic rule guideline
/msg [name] [message] Send a PM to someone online, use /r to reply back quickly
/list Lists all current online members
/spawn Warps you back to spawn
/motd Shows the current Message of the Day - important things are usually here
/lwc Lists available protection commands use /lock for quick locks
/afk Will list you as AFK in list until you move - 10 minute timer before the server kicks you
/ping Tests your ping
/balance Check your current balance of in-game currency
/pay [player] [amount] send in-game currency to another player
/dm view View your current donation total
/mypet lists all commands for your pet - literally all the commands. Which means some may not be available to you at this rank.
/pcst brings up the skill tree for your current pet - you may only choose this once
Available Pets: Cow | Chicken | Pig
Available Skills: Ride
Available Storage: 2​

$10 Donor
Inheritance: Member
/warp [warp name] use this to warp to particular warp
/tpahere [player] Will send a request for someone to teleport to your location​
Donors can also create [Trade] [Mail] [Disposal] and [Balance] signs. Learn more here.​
$40 Sponsor
Inheritance: Donor
/tpa [player] Can request to be teleported to a player
/setwarp [name] Set your own warp point for you and other to use
Available Pets: Sheep | Horse
Available Skills: Farm
Available Storage: 3​
$80 Pledger
Inheritance: Sponsor
/jump jumps to where your cursor is pointing
/back warps you back to your last location​
$120 Loyal
Inheritance: Pledger
/sethome now has multiple values - able to set up to 5 homes
/kit [cobblestone|wood|wool] Access to a few booster kits to help with materials. 10 minute cool down.
Available Pets: Wolf | Ocelot
Available Skill: Combat
Available Storage: 8​
$200 Devoted
Inheritance: Loyal
/tree Binds command to equipped tool. Will spawn a tree where you're looking on the ground
/ascend Ascends to the next free spot above you
/descend Descends to the next free spot below you
/up [#] Teleports you upwards the amount specified, with a glass block below you​
Devoted rank will be ignored when others are trying to sleep​
$300 Spartan
Inheritance: Devoted
/jumpto Will Jumpto the block you're looking at. More effective than /jump and is bound to the compass
/kit [wood2|cobblestone2|wool2|sand] Half the cool down compared to the last kits
/bigtree [tree|redwood] Spawns a big tree 2 blocks in front of you
/sethome Can set up to 10 homes
Available Pets: Mooshroom | Squid
Available Skill: PvP
Available Storage: 15​
Spartans can join the server even if it's full, can create [Warp] signs along with [Protection] signs.​
$500 Space Baron
Inheritance: Spartan
// Super Pickaxe
/heal Will heal user, cooldown: 60s
/DelWarp [Name] Deletes specified warp
Available Pets: Zombie | Skeleton
Available Skill: Utility
Available Storage: 25​
$800 Ambassador
Inheritance: Space Baron
Permissions/Commands: none
/kit [Coal|Sand2|Wood3|Wool3|Cobblestone3|Kit] Half cool down to the last kit (2min). /kit kit: full diamond everything, 2 week CD.
Available Pets: Spider | Creeper
Available Storage: 40​
Ambassadors are exempt from the AFK kick​
$1200 Forerunner
Inheritance: Ambassador
/time The ability to change the time of day at will
/weather The ability to change the weather at will
Available Pets: Blaze | Witch
Available Storage: 64​

I'm a Sponsor Rank, as I chose to buy-in, it's helpful because I can tpa to someone, tpahere someone, AND set my own warps. That's really all you need on a building server like Mongoose Country.

If anyone has $50 spare, buying in is a great option, if not, I'll post a comment later when applications open :)

(Did I also mention, that when you finish a build, you can submit it for a server saturday, and it get's featured on PotatoOrgy's Channel :D )

Re: Mongoose Country - Whitelisted

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:57 pm
by SollyStartles
I've always wanted to be in a server like this. A lot of public servers are inhabited by just obnoxious players. Usually servers like this are peaceful and obnoxious-player-free. :P

Re: Mongoose Country - Whitelisted

PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:13 pm
by Multipackwolf
Indeed, this is the type of server that a lot of players seek, but cannot find.