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Sooo... Im back to jjx XD

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Re: Sooo... Im back to jjx XD

PostMon Sep 21, 2015 1:17 am

I see no harm in actually posting this here, given it doesn't have any spoilers and it's back from original beta.
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Re: Sooo... Im back to jjx XD

PostMon Sep 21, 2015 2:58 am

The replies below show others know how bad the 'Easily reproduce' situation was, and how the game that was '1000x better' was just a freemium game, and you know how Pixbits feels about that… :look:
Pixbits wrote:Regarding price, we haven’t decided anything yet. (This is from the announcement of JJX) The only thing that it is sure is that this will NOT be a freemium app as you all know what we think about freemium and Junk Jack.

Link: Announcing Junk Jack X

The text in the quote is just above the last image of the linked blog post.

Hmm…maybe the reason they specified JJX wasn't going to be a freemium game—though we'd already know it isn't if we read the posts in the first place—is to reference the "1000x better freemium game" situation, now that I think about it. :v

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