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[Need Help] My Squid Skin Crosshair! pls help!

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[Need Help] My Squid Skin Crosshair! pls help!

PostSun Jun 09, 2013 10:44 pm

Hello im Pretty New To junk Jack community but i am A Pro MCPE player! just wanted to ask if anyone could help me Continue my skin Since im really Busy Because of YT and i got really hooked To junk Jack and wanted to know if anyone can help me??? heres the picture! and Pls Help me Continue the skin! thnx


i already Started On the First Sprite and wondering if Someone Could help me???? U get a Shout out on my Channel If so! thnx xD

www.youtube.com/SquidDoesMinecraftPE :rock: :?: :?: :?:

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