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Junk Jack X Complete Guide

PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:26 pm
by Ozvooky
Guide To Junk Jack X
Welcome to the beginner guide to Junk Jack X! May I thank you for visiting the forums and viewing this topic!
Junk Jack X is a sandbox game with no objective! The game contains 5 different dimensions, over 750 crafting recipes, 1600 treasures, 350 peaceable items and over 150 different mobs! Clearly, Junk Jack X will be confusing and difficult at first but once you have become familiar with the controls and features of the game, you will be hooked!
When you first launch the game, you will notice that there are four main buttons: new game, multiplayer, shop and options. It is recommended that you first go into options and edit your settings to allow a more comfortable gaming experience!

The gameplay side button contains a list of very useful toggle able settings, such as peaceful (no hostile mobs will spawn), continues time (time will continue will crafting and using addons), hold to break and simple craft. If your game is lagging, go into the Graphics section and click the “Safe texture load”, “lower sky GFX” and “Lower Graphics” buttons, your game should run more smoothly now!

The shop contains a list of IAPs that can be purchased. None of these IAPs are necessary but some may want to buy these IAPs. Some of the IAPs drop items, some are solely for texture changing and some are very useful. If you do not want to find all of the crafting recipes, it is recommended that you should purchase the “Full Craft book”. This IAP gives you every crafting recipe which is very useful! Some of these IAPs are free to obtain, such as the Pixbits Shirt and Tiny Jack.

Creating your player and world

Now that you are familiar with the options and shop, it is time to create your character and worlds! Tap the “New Game” icon. It will transfer you to the player creator interface. Here you can customize your player. Some customizable features include gender, shoe color, shirt color, short color, skin tone and hair style. You are also able to edit your player name! Beware than once your player is created, you will not be able to edit it. The only way to edit it is to delete it via the “Misc” option in the options menu, however if you delete your player, your inventory will be deleted! Now that you have a player, it is time to create your world! You are able to store an unlimited amount of worlds and you are also able to re-name the world to your liking. It is recommended that you create an Adventure world for your main world.

Becoming Familiar with Buttons

Once you have generated your world, you will spawn in your first Junk Jack X world! You will notice that there are some buttons. Your hot slot is on the right hand side of the screen and it should contain your most important items. When you die, your hot slot items will remain with you. The pause button is on the top left on the screen, along with how many hearts you have. The inventory icon is on the bottom left. The 6 * 6 grid is your inventory. The trash and magnify icon are used to delete and view the names of items. There are also two more buttons to the right. The one on the right is the crafting button, you tap it to view your crafting grid. The button next to it is your player info. Here, you can place armor, ammo and trinkets into your player. If you tap the down arrow, you will be able to see your player’s stats. Your player name is also visible at the top. The button next to the inventory icon is the craft book icon, once tapped it will display all of the crafting recipes you have discovered. Each category contains different types of crafts. The categories are divided into which addon is required to create an item. Addons are required to craft more advanced items, craft and addon, place it down and tap on it and then you will be able to craft more advanced items. There Is also a tutorial button that gives you information on the features of JJX, refer to it in case you are confused or stuck! The hand category contains all items you can create without any addons.

Your First Day in JJX

You are in your JJX world, at night time, hostile creatures will spawn and attempt to kill you. Hostile mobs only spawn in the darkness! So light up your house! The first thing you should do is to start chopping down tress, smashing crates along the surface, killing every animal you see and mining as much cobblestone. So first chop down some trees, the more wood the better! Now, create a wooden axe along with a wooden pickaxe. Both recipes can be found in the bare hands category in the in game JJX tutorial. Continue chopping down tress with the axe and mine some stone with a pickaxe! Once you have collected some stone, create some stone tools, such as swords, axes, pickaxes and shovels. Now try to find some coal! Now create some torches and start building a shelter. You can create a simple dirt or wooden one above ground, or dig underground and make a small underground base!

Make sure you fully light up your base, otherwise hostile mobs will spawn in your base! Now that you have a base, you will be safe during the night. There should be a few minutes left of daytime so do anything you want :asd: . But, when sunset starts to occur, immediately go back to your base. Now, create a workbench. The workbench will be used to create other addons. You will most likely not be able to craft a bed as you will need to create an iron bar. Congratulations! It is now nighttime and you are safe in your base!

Chests + Mining

Mining in Junk Jack X is simple. There are 5 different planets in JJX, as your progress to each new planet, each new planet contains a new, more powerful ore. The better the ore, the stronger the tool, the more durable the tool and the more slots you get in a chest! These are the types of ores that can be used to craft tools, armor and chests: Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Mithril, Antanium and Titanium. There are also different biomes underground, such as librarys and mineshafts. The deeper you go underground, the more powerful mobs get but the better loot you will find!


There are 5 different planets in JJX, Terra, Seth, Alba, Xeno and Magmar. Portal Chests are ONLY found in Adventure mode! If you create a Terra world or a Seth world, you will find NO portal pieces in them! Each planet contains a new ore, new blocks and new mobs! Mobs will become more powerful as your progress! Be careful!


There are three different types of liquids in JJX. Water, Lava and Acid. Jack can drown in water and he will take damage if he steps in Lava or acid. These liquids will also damage mobs! Acid is found only in Xeno! Beware that items can be burnt (deleted) if they are thrown into lava. Liquids will also break addons! Make sure you don't mis tap otherwise a liquid will break your chests, ladders, decorations and addons. Be extra careful with lava as it Wil break your addons but then it will delete the addon items! When Jack enters water, a line of bubbles will appear underneath the health bar. They will slowly deplete as you stay underwater. When Jack reaches the surface, the bubbles will slowly start to reappear, almost as if Jack is out of breath and is slowly starting to breath again. You can also get certain trinkets that will make you immune to drowning, damage from lava and damage from acid!


There are many different types of weapons in Junk Jack X. Some are dropped from mobs, some are craft able. Each weapon has a different damage type; Slash, smash, or stab. Slash does more damage to mobs like zombies and spiders, and the craftable weapon for it is the sword. Stab does more damage to animals and such, and its craftable weapon is the spear. Lastly, smash does more damage to things like skeletons and golems, and its craftable weapon is the maul. Some weapons are dropped from mobs and other weapons require mobs drops, such as the worm sword, ice sword and serpent sword.


There are 5 different tools in Junk Jack X. A pickaxe, shovel, axe, hammer and hoe. A pickaxe is used to mine any stone related block, It will be on of your most important tools. A shovel Is used to dig different types of dirt, sand and other 'earth' blocks. An axe is used to chop trees and also to mine any wood related blocks. Hammers are very important. Hammers are used for breaking chests open, breaking furniture, breaking ladders, doors, breaking addons and removing carpet and half blocks. The last tool is a hoe. To use a hoe, tap a dirt block. The dirt block tapped will now become tilled. This means that you are now able to plant plants onto the tilled soil.


Armour is crucial in JJX. There are many different types of armor: craft able and mob drops. You can craft metal armor, demon armor, raw leather armor, cured leather armor and wooden armor. Regular armor increases damage and attack, increases speed, increases health, makes you immune to certain things and also provided native light. However there are also armor pieces that are dropped in chests and such. These types of armor and not craft able and are only found in chests! Some pieces of armor and only for decoration and some are extremely helpful! Choose what type of armor you want and see If it matches your play style. Some sets of armor dramatically increase your speed, some sets can give you 12 hearts and some can dramatically increase your attack damage. Armor can also provide immunity to fall damage, immunity to drowning, immunity to bomb damage and immunity to lava and acid.


Trinkets are items that enhance your character. You equip a trinket by placing it in the slot with the star! Trinkets are extremely helpful in JJX, they prove extra hearts, make you immune to fall damage, lava, acid, able to swim longer, give you extra hearts, increase your speed, prevent blast damage and much more! Some trinkets are craftable and some are found underground in chests. They can be crafted with essences and with mob drops. Trinkets can also be enhanced with gems, giving them another feature!


Encursting allows armour and tools to have special abilities! To encrust an items, consume a Gem by holding it, then tap on which tool/armour piece you want to enchant and voila! You can also enhance trinkets ;)
Effects on Tools:
Diamond: Increases drop rates
Ruby: Adds more range
Emerald: Increased knockback + randomly mines adjacent blocks
Topaz: Adds more durability
Saphire: Adds light
Amythest: Increases power

Effect on Armor:
Topaz: breathing in liquids
Sapphire: glowing
Ruby: lava immunity
Emerald: acid immunity
Diamond: a slight increase to defenses
Amethyst: a tiny increase to attacks
(Pst, thanks to P1nk for the armor effects, I copied your post and posted it here, thanks!)


Quickstacking is something that is extremely useful. It allows you to quickly add items in your inventory to the items in a chest or addon. For example, if you have 2 gold ingots and 2 iron ingots in your inventory, and some iron and gold ingots in your chest, if you tap the quickstack button it will automatically add the iron and gold in your inventory to your chests. To use a quickstack, open the chest and tap the little chest icon, next to the magnify button :)

Reducing Lag

Junk Jack X was developed for the iPod touch 5gen, iPhone 5, iPad 3 and above. This is why device that were developed before these devices will sometimes lag while playing JJX. To reduce lag, you should first clear your multitasking history to free up memory. If you still lag, you should alter some in game settings, such as: advanced shaders = off, lower sky gfx = on, lower graphics = on, smooth lighting = off. By altering these settings, JJX should run much smoother now. Advanced shaders causes a lot of lag on older devices, so make sure you turn it off.

Other Guides

Encrusting And Item Guide By Sollision
Forum Guide By Penafore
Restoring Backed Up Files By Sollision

I only need to add info on farming and breeding and possibly armor stats :)

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:32 pm
by doom64
Nice guide, this should be stickied.

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2013 1:38 pm
by Ozvooky
Thanks doom! Just added a section on liquids :)

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:D awesome guide nice job ;)

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Maybe add some crafting recipes...
Anyways nice job...

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BTW, I found a Spelling Error in Liquids.
It says: Jack can Down in Water

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by BluesClues
Nice guide! But the weapons are incorrect. Each weapon has a different damage type; Slash, smash, or stab. Slash does more damage to mobs like zombies and spiders. Stab does more damage to animals and such. And smash does more damage to things like skeletons and golems. Yes these mobs typically have more health but that's not why mauls do more damage to them.

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by Stuart98
Fixed both issues. ;)

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Stuart98 wrote:Fixed both issues. ;)

Thanks stu! And thanks everyone :)

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