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When, Where, How - Forum Guide

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:42 pm
by SollyStartles
Most of you newcomers are unfamiliar with the forum uses and, of course, how to use them. What I have done is put together a mumble jumble of posts (and my own writing) into a big topic to generalize the idea of using the forum.

I have inserted the chapters into spoilers for quickly finding your page.

This guide will cover the following things:

1. Common Rules and Requirements

2. Gravedigging and Reviving

3. Posting Locations and Categories

4. Posting and Forum BBCode

5. Editing Your UCP

Chapter One: Common Rules and Requirements
Open Spoiler
Face it: every forum has rules. It is a way of keeping their forum cleaned up and nice. Without rules, just like the outside world, everything would just hit the fan.
Not every forum, though, is as strict as others. For example, the Junk Jack forums are quite unleashed.
Still, that does not mean you can post whatever you want!

First, we are going to cover Double-Posting, Hijacking, correct posting methods, and Warnings.
Straight from this here post, I have quoted said information.

123outerme wrote:Double-Posting
Double posting is the act of posting twice in a row in a short space of time. In the top right corner of a post, there is an edit button. Please use that, then bump the topic (either by posting "bump" or using a forum tool). Double-posting is highly frowned-upon here. Bumping is not considered to be double-posting.

General Rules
Raging, flaming, trolling, insulting others, spamming (replies, topics, and PMs), posting giant pictures without a spoiler, quoting a giant post, using a large signature, SMS abbreviations, and writing in strange and hard-to-read methods (AlTeRnAtInG cApS, ALL CAPS, no caps, Capitalizing Every Word) are also not accepted here, with the former things being more offensive than the latter. Please refrain from practicing any of these actions. And, for PETE's sake, please SEARCH YOUR IDEA BEFORE POSTING A NEW TOPIC ON IT.
Also, italics mean sarcasm. Or do they...

Warnings are a system to encourage users to follow the forum rules. Currently, they are given out when any given user breaks the subforum-they're-posting-in's rules. When you have 3 warnings, you may be banned for a set period of time. If you believe a warning you were given was in vain, you can contact the moderator that gave you the warning for clarification.

Now from a different post, let us give a good description of what Hijacking is.

p1nkbr0 wrote:Hijacking. Another important thing is to try not to hijack a thread. Hijacking basically refers to taking over a thread for use other than its intended purpose. This can happen to all threads, regardless if it's "dead" or even when it's live. Many people may be trying to get important information or want to read what people have to say without having to read through someone's conversation. It's untidy and can be rude. It often results in the locking of a topic. It will eventually get the best of all of us, though. So do not bring down the wrath of god if someone does it. Just kindly remind them of the topic.

That is all here! Please be sure to click on those links and read the full posts. They will help you a lot on these forums!

Chapter Two: Gravedigging and Reviving
Open Spoiler
Gravedigging is the act of pulling up a very old, barren post. See a few quotes from the previous links below.

123outerme wrote:Grave-Digging
Grave-digging is when you post on an old topic. If you happen to grave-dig, there is a delete button next to the edit button (the X). There are certain places where grave-digging is worse than others, such as JJx>Report Bugs versus General Talk>Chit-Chat. For more information, see the rules for all subforums. Grave-digging is also highly frowned-upon in most situations.

Now, here is another description and where gravedigging is okay, and where it is shunned.

p1nkbr0 wrote:Gravedigging is commenting on a post/thread (Also called a topic) that is generally 2+ weeks old. It is often disliked because the questions asked may already be answered or that it may have no current purpose. Such is the case with old bugs or Easter eggs and, as previously stated, answered questions. When you post a comment to a topic, that topic gets pushed to the top of the list of that category's index (general, creations, etc.). This can push back posts that may have not been answered or confuse forum goers. Each category has their own set of now spoken rules.

Gravedigging Rules by category:
General: it is commonly frowned upon to comment on old topics. Unless of course there is a suitable reason for doing so. (See above) General contains information regarding the game... Past and present and even future. Do not comment on anything over 2 weeks old. This is an exception for those who have been around a while and know whether the topic is still suitable.
note: "stickied" topics, for the most part, follow a different set of rules. Unless locked, the topics are open to comment regardless of the date created because they are viewed as important.

Creations: You can usually gravedig topics here. Generally, That is unless the creator is not active on the forums. A way to tell is if the owner's creations are on the very back of the list of topics. This may not always be the case, but is a good rule of thumb. Otherwise, constructively commenting on a cool creation is actually encouraged.

Adventure Maps: as of now, this is a fairly new category, so it's really hard to gravedig. Most of these comprise of downloads. If a download is not working, then it is not an active topic. Otherwise, commenting on these is fine. This can change, though, in the future. Remember to always check the dl link.

Mods: another young category. This one often combines the screenshots similar to creations and downloads of adventure maps. Always check the download link and constructive commenting is always appreciated. Use your best judgement for this one. Look at dates and dl links.

Bugs: Gravedigging is here STRICTLY prohibited. Read the forum rules topic! ALWAYS check to see if your bug has been reported. Generally, posts are locked when taken note of. If it's not, do NOT comment on old ones. If the topic is new, try helping the person if you know anything about it. Otherwise, let Jack or XsX handle it.

Chit Chat: a unique category! It ordinarily does not matter if you gravedig here. Feel free to comment on old things like video links or maybe a holiday. Try to stay away from converstaions between a few people. Those that are old might not relate to today. Otherwise, nearly everything is free game. You have the most freedom here!

Minecraft, Terraria, and Other Games: these categories, for the most part, allow for some gravedigging. Keep in mind that past updates (minecraft terraria) may be off limits. But most of the time, commenting on a game, a skin, or a creation is accepted. If there's an NES topic that's 3 months old an you have one, feel free to relight the fire for that!!! Try to stay on topic.

Please, refrain from gravedigging unneeded topics, and enjoy the current posts around.

Chapter Three: Posting Locations and Categories
Open Spoiler
This forum has categories and boards, just like many other forums. People will get confused and post in the wrong section or board. The following quote from this here post will explain what kind of posts go to which categories.

Stuart98 wrote:2. Post in the right section: This thread is in the wrong section(it should be in chit-chat), but reading it should help your threads not be.
Each forum has different uses:
    General: Is for discussing game related things that don't belong in other sections, such as wiki, polls about game style, etc.
    Report Bugs:
    Bugs belong in here.
    Suggestions: This is the suggestion for new things board. Please search for old threads before creating new ones in here, as many things have been suggested before.
    Help/Support: If you are having trouble running the game or have a question, ask it here!
    Your Creations: Screenshots and downloads of worlds belong here.
    Items & Trades: Trades, giveaways, auctions, shops, etc. belong here.
    Multiplayer: Non trade related multiplayer based discussion belongs here.

Junk Jack:
      General: Discuss Pixbit's original creation here!
      Report Bugs:
      Legacy board, posting here is pointless because Junk Jack cannot be updated.
      Game Play Discussion: Legacy board, posting here is pointless because Junk Jack cannot be updated.
      Adventure Maps: Maps with a specific goal belong here.
      Your Creations: Screenshots and downloads of worlds for the original Junk Jack belong here.
      Modding: Post in the appropriate sub-forum!

      Minecraft: Discuss all things about the game that inspired Pixbits to make this one here.
      Terraria: Discuss a largish part of this game's inspiration here.
      Other Games: Like Eden? Minebuilder? SimCity? An unknown RTS called Homeworld? Talk about them here!
      Chit-Chat: If it don't belong elsewhere, post here!

Aside from these categories, there is also a board just for Moderators, Testers, and Admins called Admin Pizza--wait, no Plaza.

Chapter Four: Posting and Forum BBCode
Open Spoiler
In posts, this forum uses a design code known as BBCode. You can learn all about BBCode in this here website
Not all of the tags in the linked website work here, however.

If you want to make your letters bold, put your text in between the bold tags!
Code: Select all
[b]bold text here[/b]

If you want to make your letters italics, put them in between two italic tags.
Code: Select all
[i]italic text here[/i]

Another popular code is inserting an image. Below is a quote from Penafore's quick mini tutorials. Use this tutorial if you are using a COMPUTER. Your mobile device will not work.

Penafore wrote:-1- Save your image somewhere you know
-2- Open your browser and Go to
-3- You will see some options you can mess with it, It is not needed though
-4- Click "Browse"
-5- Now a new Window will Pop-up, find your image and select it
-6- Click "Open"
-7- Click "Upload Now!" [Remember by uploading you agree to The Terms Of use and Privacy Policy]
-8- Now there will be a Security puzzle simply just follow the instruction, after your done simply click "Upload now!"
-9- it should be uploading, it may take awhile (depends on how big your file is and your internet)
-10- Now you should see "share this image" you want to select the Code below "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards"
-11- Now you can copy that code and paste it where ever you want! :approved:
Example :
Code: Select all

However. you may be using a mobile device and want an easier way of uploading your pictures or screenshots to the forums. MinerJack's magnificent post about uploading pictures mobile will help you! Quote below.

MinerJack wrote:1) Go to the appstore and download "Photobucket"
2) Once finished downloading, enter the app and set up a new account. Mine is MinerJack. Real hard to guess ;)
3) Done yet? Good. Go to Junk Jack or any app or what have you.
4) Press the home and the sleep buttons at the same time. You can tell it works if the screen turns white and you hear a camera shutter noise.
5) Go to Photobucket and a word box should pop up asking if you want to upload new media. Click ok and the photos you wih to upload should have a (+) in the corner. Click upload in the upper corner and it will switch you to the Upload Media page and you'll see your pictures processing and resizing.
6) Then proceed to the My Albums tab on the bottom. Tap the photos tab towards the top to get a collection of all your photos.
7) Tap the photo you want and then the i in a bubble in the lower right hand corner. You'll get to this page:
Tap the LAST bar and it will say Copied IMG.
8) Come here to paste your picture like you normally would by holding your finger down until a bubble pops up saying paste.
9) Paste the picture(or code at the moment) and post your comment.
10) Now look at your wonderful capture of creativity! Here's mine:
Aint she perdy?

Those are some basic, and most used tags here on our forum! If you would like to learn more, please click the link specified in the beginning of this chapter.

Chapter Five: Editing Your UCP
Open Spoiler
Your UCP shows in the heading of the forum pages. It stands for User Control Panel, and it is basically your profile. Your UCP consists of your avatar, signature, information, messages, and much more.

Back to Penafore's quick tutorials, the following quote includes basic steps to edit your profile on the forums.

Penafore wrote:-1- Go to the JJ forums Log in to your account (obviously)
-2- Click "User control panel"
-3- click "Profile" this is basically where you put information and such! (it is not needed to fill everything up)
-4- lets change our Profile picture! Click "Edit avatar"
-5- now this might look similar too the Tutorial Above, Click "Browse" Or you can use "Link off-site" (i will explain this)
-6- Select the image You want to Become your "avatar" ( profile picture)[Make sure its 110x110 Or smaller and File size can't go over 6KB]
-7- Click "submit" and there you go you now have a Avatar!
-8- but Were not done! lets edit our Signature!, now what is a signature? It is basically a block of text that can be added to posts you make, It shows most peoples Personality, your works and famous quotes! click "edit Signature" To start!
-9- now you can add anything you want! [as long as it follows the rules!]
-10- after your done making your signature click "submit"
-11- There you go you got a signature of your own! this signature will be on every post you post! Unless you unattached it!
-12- you pretty much got your own profile! Congratulations! :approved:

A forumer's Avatar and Signature are their most prized possession. Your signature can be edited with regular post BBCode just like topics, and replies. It has a character limit of 255, but links and code do not add up to that.

If you need a better avatar guide, please use Multipackwolf's handy dandy post here to learn more. There is also a quote below to help you here!

Multipackwolf wrote:Basically, avatars have a few restrictions, other then "Please don't use a rude avatar" rule that is pretty much an unspoken rule.
The 2 restrictions on avatars is:
Must be under 6KiB (Kilobytes)
Must be smaller then 110x110pixels

There is a way to get around these restrictions, but understand that it may affect the loading time of your avatar compared to other forum elements, which is not a good thing if you like to see what you create.

Firstly, let's assume your avatar already fits into the 2 restrictions, being say, 90x90pixels and 3kb. To upload your avatar, simply visit the User Control Panel and head into the profile section.
Once there, you will notice a few sub categories along the side, we need the Edit Avatar category.
Upon reaching this section, you will be presented with a few options, but to upload your avatar, all you have to do is choose your file, upload it, and you're done.
Please note however, if uploading directly from an iDevice, if your profile picture is about 100x100px or less, it may be slightly blurred, simply because apple doesn't like uploading small pictures :asd:

Now, say that you have an avatar like mine, as of when I wrote this, my avatar is 150x150px and is 9kb, which makes it both over the 110x110 limit and over the 6kb limit.
To upload an image like this as your avatar, you will need to host your avatar on an image hosting site, I recommend Tinypic or PhotoBucket. All you have to do is follow their instructions on how to upload an image.

Once you successfully upload an image, the site should give you a bunch of codes.

In this event, we need the Direct Link For Layouts simply because the forum needs a direct link to the picture. URL for Email & IM may also work, but I suggest not using it.

Once you have you code, simply input it into the "Link Off-Site" section, then fill in the avatar dimensions to 110 x 110 pixels to ensure the forum correctly applies your avatar.

Feel free to explore the UCP at your own will, and see what you can spice up in your profile!

Hope this helped! If there is anything needed, I will update this regularly and add in necessary elements.

Thanks, Sollision. :)

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:45 pm
by Dylan
Sticky? Maybe?

Re: When, Where, How - Forum Guide

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:46 pm
by SollyStartles
Dylan wrote:Sticky? Maybe?

:shy: Oh, Dylan.

It is up to the mods.

Re: When, Where, How - Forum Guide

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 10:57 pm
by Dylan
Lol I know... But I as in my self had an idea of doing a guide for those that haven't had a sticky but then I thought if it would go into the graveyard... :'( Same with those roleplays I like so much... I have been I four already... But they just fade into the shadows... Guides... I had an idea of making a chat room...

since then I have been with my reptiles or battle with these strange creatures that me and some of my family members see.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:05 pm
by SollyStartles
:dunno: A lot of things go in the graveyard. That's why it is good to make important, info-flooded posts to help people. :asd:

Re: When, Where, How - Forum Guide

PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 11:11 pm
by Dylan
Could be... I avoid looking at any old posts past the first page unless its a role play I made or I have recently participate... :D

I think I have been honest for the time I have been here. But I don't know if that's true in someone elses eyes...

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by SollyStartles
Ah, Dylan. You're good on these forums. :asd:

Well, back on topic?

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by Dylan
:D yeah back to topic...
Maybe some of that green goo? Lol I like the guide. :D

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by SollyStartles

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by Dylan

The sticky lol

I haven't play jj1 in the longest! I really want those rates and those three block statues... And maybe those textures as a available thing for JJX...

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by SollyStartles
I...actually wouldn't mind if this was stickied. :asd: ;)

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by Dylan
I thought it was supposed its a guide... But its up to the mods...

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by SollyStartles
Yep. :asd:

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by Multipackwolf
Actually, it's not green goo, it's snail goo.

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by Dylan

a new goo!!! Lol