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Junk Jack Android Creative and deleting help

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Junk Jack Android Creative and deleting help

PostSun Mar 25, 2018 11:02 pm

I was going to post this in the help section, but for some reason, if anyone else tries looking this subject up at a later date, might be more useful here. Anyway, I bought this game for the Android after I been playing on the PC version a week. I see how the game looks almost exactly alike except for several issues I am having, and not sure how to go about fixing it.

:rolleyes: (Q) One is making a planet in creative mode. I don't see the option anywhere in the game.
:teach:(A) Took a few tries, but managed to find this one out. It's a bit tricky. When you first go to adjust the size of the planet, don't hit generate. Back out by one, then click on planet type you want, and hit edit again. This time around, you will get more of a selection, including the option to make the world Creative.
:rolleyes: (Q) Due to a lag spike, the game kept key/finger presses in the buffer and made a bunch of planets. I want to delete them but so far can't find an option in the android version to delete any of the worlds.
:rolleyes: (Q) Lastly, how on earth do you exit the game. Once you leave the game after putting it on pause, it drops you into the main menu with no options on exiting it. I end up having to kill the process each time I'm done playing or it kills my battery as the game takes up a lot of CPU and memory when running.
:rolleyes: (Q) Almost Lastly. Figured I edit this post instead of spamming more. Anyway, similar to Minecraft where towards the bottom of the dungeon, you get these next to impossible blocks that cant be broken like bedrock. What can I use to break through these blocks? I located a chest and what looks like a skull snow globe but cant get to them because there surrounded by these blocks.



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Re: Junk Jack Android Creative and deleting help

PostMon Mar 26, 2018 11:43 am

You cannot break through the black bedrock blocks at the very bottom of the world. If you have encountered a chest surrounded in these blocks, there is no way to get to it.

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