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Uber Mob Cards

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2018 9:03 am
by GKnight275
Here will be all of the cards dropped from each uber mob that I know of.

Terra: Fat Pig
Seth: Deadly Skeleton
Alba: Red Brother
Xeno: Acid Xenons
Magmar: (most likely Fiery Magma)
Cryo: Cold Souls
Yuca: Yuki Ruins
Lilith: Ghost of the Lili
Thetis: (most likely Distant Depths)
Mykon: Green Brother
Umbra: Golden Knight
Tor: Eviscerating Reaper

What uber mob pet are you guys planning to make/already made? I made a coldshadow, because my first pet in the game a couple years ago was a shadow lurker, and I thought I would sort of ‘evolve’ him.