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(iOS 10.2.1) App Crashes while loading worlds

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(iOS 10.2.1) App Crashes while loading worlds

PostSun Feb 12, 2017 1:14 pm

On Jack Jack iPad, we keep getting random crashes while trying to load worlds. When we click on the world from the home screen, it appears to start loading for a few seconds then the app crashes. This issue is repeatable. When this happens since we can't load this world, we have to start over on a whole new world. We have tried force closing the app and a hard reset.

If we delete the App and redownload it, will we lose all the worlds or is this all tied together with GameCenter?

Any suggestions?



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Re: (iOS 10.2.1) App Crashes while loading worlds

PostMon Feb 13, 2017 11:37 pm

Jack wrote:Actually iCloud is one of the things that Apple programmed worse in its framework history (GameKit is probably the second). I studied it a little bit but I realized that it would lead to so many problems caused by Apple's library flaws that for the moment I just preferred to avoid it.

Maybe one day, when I'll feel safe about it :asd:

Jack doesn't fully trust iCloud or Gamecenter, so no cloud backups.

The game does keep its own internal backups , but their usefulness is questionable.
You can transfer worlds/characters using iTunes file transfer or iFunbox.

As for diagnosing the problem...
How old are these worlds (what version were they generated in? Are they adventure or standalone?
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