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PostTue Dec 06, 2016 12:34 pm

I seem to be making a lot of them. Usually because so much has changed in v3 that im not sure anymore. Ill just post all my future questions (should i still have) on this one thread to keep things clean and neat.

Anyways, on to the questions!
1: Where can each bottomless piece be found (The middle one, since im more than sure dirt is for left, and alba blue dirt for right. Ive yet to find middle)

2: Are there any pros and cons for world sizes? (I know terraia has ore distribution differences when it comes to world sizes. The case may be said the same here)

3: Are there any Gold or higher Manufacts? In all my junkjack experience, ive never found gold and above.

4: Are there any more future planets that are planned?

5: When a new update rolls out, can the new items (or more importantly, new portals) be found on worlds that exists before the update?

6: Why is it fun to kill bunnies?

7: Anyone knows any Helmet, Legs, and Feet armor that gives a lot of luck (10+ at least. I got an ivory chest that gives me 10+ luck and 20+ luck thaks to the Lucky Amulet. Im talking about Luck Chance here. Not Item Duplication Chance)

8: Any mob farm ideas? (Ive already seen the ones existing. They are good and all, but they are a few years back. Plus theres the latest update which may have completely changed mob spawning. Point is, I want a more updated mob farm that works effectively. Maybe applications of electricity as well. And one thats automatic, but im asking wayy too much already :P )

Feel free to answer a few of them. Even just one :)



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Re: Questions

PostTue Dec 06, 2016 1:19 pm

3. No, I do not think so.
4. More than likely yes. New planets are released every update or two usually.

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