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Obtaining Blue Dye in Terra

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Obtaining Blue Dye in Terra

PostTue Jul 25, 2017 11:26 pm

Is there any singleplayer way to obtain blue dye on Terra (i.e. prior to unlocking further planets)? I'm on my first playthrough.

After wiki-ing a bit it seems like cured colored leather armor would be a good armor choice for early on in the game, and of the various types I see on the wiki the blue leather armor looks the most lucrative to me. However, it seems blue goo can't be turned into blue dye like certain other goos can, and I'm unaware if blue mushrooms spawn underground or if there are any naturally spawning blue flowers on the surface.

If I had to mix flower sprouts or Terra-obtainable dyes or something in order to get blue dye this early I'd still be interested.

If it's not possible, I think I'll have to settle for cured purple leather armor for now.

Edit: It seems my belief that leather could be "colored" was incorrect, rendering the question meaningless. Nevermind. :?



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Re: Obtaining Blue Dye in Terra

PostWed Jul 26, 2017 2:05 am

Your edit is correct. Colored leather is found, not dyed. Blue Jaguars on Alba would probably be your best bet.
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