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Rare objects locations

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Rare objects locations

PostSat Nov 04, 2017 8:48 pm

Hi guys!
I have some troubles and maybe you can give me an advice. Does anyone know where to find
- cherry tree saplings( I know about the crates but maybe the chance is higher on some specific planet or in specific chest) Also looking for
- pepper(sweet paprika) sapling
- papaya sapling
Is there any idea which season is better for turkey?
Is candy corn available now and where to find it?

Thanks in advance! :girl:

Lo Luv


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Re: Rare objects locations

PostMon Nov 06, 2017 3:39 pm


For the cherry tree saplings, I know you can find them on the surface of terra in spring or autumn biomes in season worlds. Although, I don't remember which of the 2 as them.

For the pepper and papaya, I don't know :dunno:
Pepper can be found in any crate I think.
I think if there's any season that as more chances for turkey, it would be autumn.
I think candy corn is only available in halloween generated worlds, but I'm not certain. Since this year there weren't any halloween update...

I've just updated from 2.4.9 to 3.1.2 with my new phone so I might no be up to date, but I hope this helps a little! ;)
Lo Luv

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