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How to restore your backed up game for Rooted Android device

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How to restore your backed up game for Rooted Android device

PostSun Apr 15, 2018 9:40 pm

PixBits did a fantastic job porting Junk jack over to the android device. unfortunately it has been discovered from a few posts I have googled, there is an issue where it comes to restoring ones game after a device has been fully formatted. This has to do with phones that are rooted, and these instructions are meant for rooted devices only. Being that you cant access these files unless the phone is rooted, trying to do so will be pointless anyway. The restore feature built into the game at least for me, does not work. When you format your phone, tablet, whatever android device you have used, you gain a new ID. I'm trying to locate where this is so future restoring will be made easier, but until I do, this is the only way to restore your game after a format.
You will notice after a format, that when you try restoring a game via Titanium Backup, that the game itself just shuts down because it does not recognize the game any longer and you are forced to uninstall and install the game again to obtain a new ID, but at the same time forced to play all over again. With these instructions, you should be able to restore your game and continue where you left off, as long as you did a full game backup prior to formatting with Titanium backup. You will also need E3 File explorer set to show hidden system files. If you look in your phones data folder with this program, and see nothing, this means its disabled, and requires you to enable it. Sometimes you'll need to unlock it by installing something. As annoying as it is, install it but after the E3 explorer unlocks the feature so you can view your system files, uninstall whatever you were forced to install, unless you want to keep it.
With you old game and data files backed up, Load E3 File explorer and look in your data section for the phone itself. Not the SD card location. Your looking for a PixBits folder, it will be in the location similar to this data/data/PixBits
Inside the PixBits folder, you will find a folder called files. The files folder contains your character and world information. Copy the files folder outside of the game folder. I usually copy it to my pc and SD card for extra safer measures.
After copying the files folder over, uninstall Junk Jack and if your logged in and the game shows that you have to buy It again, just reboot your phone and try it again. Junk Jack has some strong anti piracy checks that if you don't meet all the requirements, make it hard to reinstall your game. After the reboot, download your Junk Jack game and as you can see, the game now runs fine but your missing all your work, and if you try restoring it, the game shuts down. This is because the game is restoring with the old game ID. We need to restore the game without the old ID.
You are now going to have to make a new character, and world which gets done at the same time. Choose a different name or your going to have clashes and errors you don't want. This needs to be done, or the required file structures will not be there and the game wont look there either until this is done. Once you are done and can load into a world, save and exit out into the main menu. Load Titanium backup and back up both the game and data in case something messes up. This makes it much faster in case you need to restore everything without having to reinstall your game and making a new character and world all over again. Unfortunately, if you format your device, you'll have to do this all over again.
I'm going to put up pictures at a later date to make it easier to understand the process. I cant do it now because we had a fire in our home and in the process of moving everything out that didn't get destroyed so the contractors and repair the place up.
Anyway, load E3 File explorer up and go to the location you copied your files folder to. Select copy so it copies it and its contents to the clipboard. Now go to the phone side and find the data/data/PixBits section and locate the files folder. Once you see the folder, paste your old copy over it. When it asks if you want to write over and previous files, check off yes to all.
Once done, load Junk Jack back up and now your old worlds and characters should now display. If all works, load Titanium backup back up and back up both data and program files for Junk Jack so you at least have a set of files that you know worked.
Any questions, feel free to pm me. :teach:

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