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PostThu Sep 05, 2013 4:43 pm

I'v been enjoying Junk jack alot. But there's one thing I miss and I doubt many of you are going to miss when read this.
So allmost everything in this game has a purpose, you upgrade your sword to fight mobs, build things to stay sheltered. But i find no reason, purpose or meaning in the Food system. Now let me be clear.
For now, you eat to GAIN health. Now that's great at the beginning of the game but later in the game you find yourself never eating becouse; to stay alive you just gotta have a decent weapon and keep a distance. The only danger is that you mine looking for something, gems to enchant or ores to melt and then you fall your foolish death.
The fold system needs a reason to be. A chance of starvation would be the answer. I don't see the reason why I should spend hours and hours on food when I cound harvest some apples and stay alive forever. The problem is that you find yourself only needing food shen injured, and thats not often. I don't say this is a must, but It would give a better reason to farm than, we say, spend hours and hours on building a decent chicken farm that is massive, and you only fins yourself using it...allmost never.

I have a solutions for this.

1. The players health bar slowly, now I mean really slowly drains. If you don't eat In,bthree days your healt goes down by one whole. That means 1/3 a day. The reason why there should NOT one "physical dmg" HP bar and a "food" HP bar is Becouse of the way it makes you think. We say you have been starwing fo for a while, you only have one heart left. You start to take caution where to go, where to get your foVod from. Where the mobs are.
This may sound hard to make for you who don't scrips but actually it's not that hard. You script the amount of hp to a variable(number) and make it drop at a pace and sync it with the day/night system

2. The foods need to be nerfed. The amount of HP you get from a apple compared to a steak and the amount of effort out to making int ia ridiculouse. Something that would be a little harder to code but more logical would be that food sould have different values on how long you stay full. The foods could stay as they are but have different values on that. That would be the harder way. Tje easy way to do it is to nerf the foods and make adraining HP.

Enough said. Discuss.:teach:

EDIT: All the typos make me look stupid. Writing on iphone. Laggy.



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Re: Starvation

PostThu Sep 05, 2013 7:46 pm

Im going to honest with you, as a person who has not progressed far at all...this is a horrible idea it would be much too difficult to start off
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