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Magic And Other Ideas PLEASE READ!!!

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Magic And Other Ideas PLEASE READ!!!

PostThu Oct 03, 2013 5:26 am

Im sure pixbits has somethin goin already, but here it is anyway!

Using primordial silk and having magic powder all around it in tinker place thing adon: it would make magic silk ( which can also be used to make magicians clothing). The silk shoul be put on a metal bar ( better the stronger) in the shape of a pick: metal is like handle and magic silk is like the pointy part (im so technical i know). That then uses magic ammo that comes from 4 magic powders in a square: it would make 2 ammo per craft because magic will be strong so it cant be cheap.

I think webshould add gauntlets, just for more boosts and character customization

weapon customization would be great. Perhaps you could combine metals in a spear: lets say we used mithril on bottom handle in craft and titainium on top bar in handle, then using anatainium as the point. Your spear would be purplepointed with a blue and green handle.
ALSO for weapons: remember WAAAY back in the original jj when all the main metal weapons looked soo diffrent and cool?! Now they only have SLIGHT variations, and arnt as cool. I know this would be good considering how much effort pixbits put into all the diffrent weapon set details!
ALSO visable encrustments! It would hurt the value of collectables (e.g. Undarium sword) but it would look cool on the main metal weapons AND armor (e.g. Titainium chest with emerald in the center of it) BUT! Instead of just gemstones, why not essences too? Like an evil essence in a mithril sword!

This is asking alot... But what if every aggresive mob had a rare armor and weapon drop?! Pixbits has already started with this when you think about it.
ALSO when you break a rare chest underground, you have a rare chance of picking up the chest itself!

Chest locks should be able to be put on, and only opened by the person who placed it ( this wouldnt require a key)
Unfortunately, because of greifers, i dont think casual pvp will be possible. Once people get good stuff it will be slaughter the noobs HOWEVER maybe a arena type world can be hosted for small skirmishes ( players cant drop thier stuff in these arenas)

Thats all i have for now!!! That was a weeks worth of my thought put out for you!!! Help me by placing more ideas below!!!
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Re: Magic And Other Ideas PLEASE READ!!!

PostSat Oct 05, 2013 11:43 am

Good suggestions.

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