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PostSun Jan 25, 2015 2:47 am

How about a couple sandwich recipes?
There will of course be new condiments, foods, and plants.
Since I saw Ketchup and Pickles suggested, I figured this would be fitting.
So NOTE: The suggestion of pickles and ketchup are NOT mine but the recipes have been changed

NEW Plants:
Cucumber (Grows just like eggplants)
Mustard (Grows like flowers)
Peanuts (Grows like tomatoes)

NEW Cheese:

NEW Meat:
Corned Beef

Here are the condiments:

T= Tomato......... _ S _
S= Salt.............._ T _ = Ketchup = .25 hearts / Made in COOKING POT
P= Potion Bottle.._ P _
_ = Blank

M= Mustard Seeds.. _ S _
S= Salt............... _ M _ = Mustard = .25 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
P= Potion Bottle.... _ P _

C= Cucumber... _ _ _
S= Salt........... _ C _ = Pickle = .75 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
_ = Blank........ S S S
(This isn't how you really make pickles, it's just easier to make this way)

Barbecue Sauce:
K= Ketchup... _ _ _
S= Sugar....... S S S = Barbecue Sauce = .25 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
_ = Blank...... _ K _
(I know you need brown sugar, and I know how to make it, but simplicity is key right?)

L= Lettuce... _ S _
S= Salt........ S L S = Sauerkraut = 1.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
_ = Blank..... _ S _

Peanut Butter:
P= Peanut.... _ _ _
_ = Blank..... _ P _ = Peanut Butter = .25 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
................ _ _ _

Now for the cheese:

M= Milk...... M _ M
S= Salt....... _ S _ = Swiss Cheese = 1.25 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
_ = Blank.... M _ M

M= Milk..... M S M
S= Salt...... M S M = Cheddar Cheese = 1.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
_ = Blank... M S M

And the meat:

P= Pig Meat... _ S _
S= Salt......... P P P = Pork = 1.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING POT
_ = Blank...... _ S _

Corned Beef:
P= Pork..... _ _ _
S= Salt...... S P S = Corned Beef = 1.50 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
_ = Blank... _ _ _
(Ironically not made from beef)

Ok now for the sandwiches:

Grilled Cheese:
C=Cheddar..... _ B _
B= Bread....... T C T = Grilled Cheese = 3.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
T= Tomato..... _ B _
_ = Blank
"A timeless classic, can't go wrong with this."

Mozzarella en Carozza:
M= Mozzarella.... _ B _
B= Bread.......... T M T = Mozzarella en Carozza = 3.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
T= Tomato........ _ B _
_ = Blank
"Italian grilled cheese, made with mozzarella instead of cheddar, typically served with tomato"

Ham and Cheese:
H= Ham........ _ B _
C= Cheddar.... C H C = Ham and Cheese = 2.50 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
B= Bread....... _ B _
_ = Blank
"Another well known sandwich, but simplicity doesn't make it taste bad"

H= Ham.... S B S
B= Bread... E H E = Croque-Monsieur = 4.50 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
L= Leaf..... L B L
E= Emmental Cheese
S= Salt
"A French ham and cheese sandwich that was sold in bistros as a quick snack.
This sandwich is typically served with béchamel sauce."

Club Sandwich:
B= Bread..... Ba B Ba
T= Turkey...... L B To = Club Sandwich = 5.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
H= Ham.........T B H
To= Tomato
L= Lettuce
Ba= Bacon
"One of the few sandwiches that have meat but no cheese.
This sandwich is unique because it has three slices of bread instead of the customary two slices
This is typically cut into quarters and served with French fries"

S= Sauerkraut..... Sc B Sc
C= Corned Beef.... S C S = Reuben = 4.50 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
Sc Swiss Cheese.. Sc B Sc
B= Bread
"A deli classic with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing"

B= Bread...... _ B _
L= Lettuce... L Ba T = BLT = 3.75 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
T= Tomato.... _ B _
Ba= Bacon
_ = Blank
"Everyone knows about this sandwich, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, no explanation needed"

Cuban Sandwich:
B= Bread.... Pi B Pi
P= Pork...... H P H = Cuban Sandwich = 5.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
Pi= Pickle... M B S
S= Swiss Cheese
M= Mustard
H= Ham
"A variation of the Ham and Cheese sandwich, with Ham, turkey, Swiss, pickles, mustard and roast pork"

Breakfast Sandwich:
B= Biscuit... _ B _
E= Egg.. .... B E Ba = Breakfast Sandwich = 3.25 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
B= Bacon.... _ B _
C= Cheddar
_ = Blank
"Surprise! No bread, just biscuit. You can get this sandwich anywhere from diners across the globe"

Philly Cheesesteak:
O= Onion...... O B O
S= Sugar....... C Co C = Philly Cheesesteak = 4.50 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
C= Cheddar.... S B S
Co= Cow Meat
B= Bread
"Caramelized Onions, Steak, and Cheese made this sandwich a juicy, cheesy classic"

Sloppy Joe:
C= Cow Meat... S B S
K= Ketchup..... K C K = Sloppy Joe = 4.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
S= Salt.......... O B O
B= Bread
O= Onion
_ = Blank
"One of the messiest and saucy sandwiches out there, this sandwich features ground beef with a ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and spice blend with onion"

Monte Cristo:
B= Bread... E B E
H= Ham... Ec H Ec = Monte Cristo = 5.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
E= Egg...... R B R
R= Raspberry
Ec= Emmental Cheese
"Very similar to the French Croque Monsieur, except the bread has an egg batter' and it is usually served with jam"

Pulled Pork Sandwich:
B= Bread..... S B S
P= Pork..... Ba P Ba = Pulled Pork Sandwich = 3.75 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
S= Salt....... _ B _
Ba = Barbecue Sauce
"You'll find this sandwich at any barbecue, smoky and smothered in barbecue sauce"

Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich:
P= Peanut Butter... _ B _
Ba= Banana......... P Ba P = Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich
B= Bread............ _ B _
_ = Blank
"Resting in your lunchbox since the dawn of time"

And last but not least

B= Bread............ _ B _
R= Raspberry....... R P R = PB&J = 3.00 Hearts / Made in COOKING WARE
P= Peanut Butter.. _ B _
_ = Blank
"Arguably the most famous sandwich in the world"

Well, that's all the sandwiches I can think of.
So what do you guys think?
Yes, or No?
:approved: :disapproved:
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Re: Sandwiches

PostSun Jan 25, 2015 3:46 am

I like it all! :approved:
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Re: Sandwiches

PostMon Feb 16, 2015 3:51 am

YES! I was just about to suggest this. Just...YES!!! Awesome ideas, bro.
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