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PostSun Jan 25, 2015 9:28 pm

Apparently food buffs are going to be a thing soon.
But what about a list of some that should be included?
Buffs can be seen under the health bar
However similar buffs DO NOT STACK.

Well Fed : (Duration 5 seconds) Appears when you eat a food item/Gives +1% to defense stats
Spicy! : (Duration 30 seconds) Appears after you eat a Yellow Pepper /Gives +10% to all speed stats
Drunk: (Duration 30 seconds) Appears after drinking beer/ Makes screen blurry (This buff is just for fun)
Slippery: (Duration 30 seconds) Appears after eating butter/ Gives +5% to all speed stats
Well Rested : (Duration 2 minutes) Appears after sleeping /Gives +5% to all attack stats
Blessed: (Duration 10 minutes) Has a 5% chance of occurring randomly at 6:00 in the morning/ +5% to all stats
Lucky: (Duration 5 minutes) Has a 2% chance of occurring randomly at 6:00 in the morning/ + 30 Luck

Just a couple buffs that I thought would be fun,
So what do you guys think?
Yes, or No?
:approved: :disapproved:
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Re: Buffs

PostSun Jan 25, 2015 10:50 pm

I totally forgot about food buffs!
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