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New planet #3

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New planet #3

PostThu Feb 25, 2016 3:54 pm

I cant think of a good planet name. The theme of the planet is an abandoned artificial planet.
All blocks in this world need mythril or better to be able to mine

Metallic Dirt
-Near Dark, has metal-like borders, but still looks like dirt
-Can onky be mined by mythril tools and above

Metallic Stone
-Same properties of the Metal Dirt, except its stone
-Slightly brighter

Rusted Dirt
-Same properties as Metallic Dirt, but with a much redder tint, and has a rust-y look

Stone Alloy
-Very hard, very metal-y, can only be mined by mythril tools or higher
-Slightly brighter than Metallic Stone

Forged Stone
-Very hardy, takes 18 taps to be mined if a mythril pickaxe is used

Refined Metallic Dirt
-Metallic Dirt, but looks less dirt-y, and looks brighter

-Full of Forged Stone


-The rim of the crater is filled with rusted dirt, the crater itself is made out of refined metallic dirt, the middle has an acid pool in it, and its littered with nano-swarms (see below)

Bunker (2-4 per world)
-Generated Building
-Contains chests with possibly unique armor and intermedient armor
-Contains some furniture


-Made out of "Unobtainum Bricks".
-Filled with Laboratory based stuff, and looks like a futuristic laboratory, except in ruins

Experimental Room
-Filled with acid and skeletons
-Looks more "roomy"

-Made out of "Alloyed Unobtanium Blocks"
-Full of futuristic power plant based stuff (electric rods, fuel rods, things with rods)


Nano Trees
-Looks very metal :rock:
-Glows a faint blue light
-Looks like futuristic metal tree with blue computer lines all around it

Ironwood Trees
-Looks like a very solid grey iron pole with very solid grey rectangle leaves

Bladed Grass
-Hurts you for 2 hearts when you touch it (without armor)


Ferrum Bulbs
-Flower Bulb
-Glows a deep blue

Nano Mushrooms
-Similar properties to the nano trees, except, its a mushroom

Ironstalk Mushrooms
-Similar properties to the ironwood tree, except, its a mushroom

H= Hostile
P= Passive
PA= Passive unless attacked

Fleshy Drone (H)
-Starts attacking if its 2 blocks away from you
-Flying mob

Terminator (H)
-Humanoid robot

Sentry (H)
-Faces either the left side or the right side only
-Attacks when you are in range (6 blocks or less)

Automoton (P)
-One movie: Laputa: Castle in the sky. Search it up, and add robot
-If you dont want to
Open Spoiler
Know how awesome of a movie that movie is
search it up, its basically humanoid robot with round head, curvy flat arms and legs, and a broad body
*Iron golems from minecraft are actually referenced from the same robot in the same movie

Nano-Swarm (PA)
-Looks like a metallic swarm of locusts

-Iron (A crap to- i mean, x3), Mythril(x1.5), Galvanium, Titanium, Silicium (x2)

To sum it all up:
This planet is an artifically built planet made by who knows, and was abandoned for a long time, causing its facilities to deteriorate, and nano tech freely evolve to create wild life. Since it was artificially made, it was made by extremely strong metallic alloys, and coated the whole planet. The metals deteriorated depending on its locations and environment.

Possibly a near endgame planet

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