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Custom Food

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Custom Food

PostFri Mar 25, 2016 5:56 pm

I think it would be a good feature to add custom recipes. For example say theres a new crafting station or using the current cooking station. You would put a custom recipe (made with paper and up to 8 ingredients) into the crafting grid and also the ingredients used in the recipe. Based on the ingredients it will give you a custom food item with custom stats. This would work with potions too so if you placed 1 luck potion and 1 speed potion and 6 apples it will give you a special food item that will heal some hearts, give luck, and give speed and only take up one slot. However the effects of the potions wouldn't stack so you couldn't have a x8 speed or damage but food would stack.

I got this idea from ARK however that game doesn't have all the different food possibilities as this game and its kinda disappointing with like 5 ingredients. I feel like this game could take that concept and make it a whole lot better.
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