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Method to set default slots for gear / inventory

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Method to set default slots for gear / inventory

PostFri Jun 03, 2016 5:08 pm

Purpose of suggestion
To provide an easy way to organize inventory and quick slots (so that things end up in the same inventory slots between multiple mining trips), and recover more quickly from death (i.e. not having to do the re-equip, re-setup quick slot shuffle every time).

1. New button visible when inventory is open, calling this the "Memorize" button for lack of a better name

2. If Memorize button is tapped, the current inventory, quick slot, armor, and costume slots are snapshotted (prompt user to confirm)

3. When memorized, if a slot is emptied, a faded image of the item remains as a visual indicator to the player of what is currently memorized for the slot.

4. If an item is picked up, first check to see if there is a memorized slot for that item which is eligible to receive it (i.e. memorized slot exists, and stack is not too big to receive item). If not, then receive the item as per normal in to first available non-memorized slot. If no non-memorized slot is available, receive in to first available slot, ignoring memorization, as per all normal rules.

5. If memorize button is tapped again, forget the current memorizations (prompt user to confirm)

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