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Simi-Custom Weapons/Tools

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Simi-Custom Weapons/Tools

PostSun Aug 14, 2016 1:35 am

Hi there, I have been playing this game now for around 10 to 11 hours now and I thought I would give some ideas that I thought up as I was playing. Most I believe are based on things that I have seen in some other games or mods for those games. The first few are my suggestions on a complex, but not really grinding, system to make personally made weapons this along with the idea to make some weapons (like those uniquely found, made of strong, heavy materials like titanium, or personally made) require energy to swing but have unlimited durability. This energy needed to swing would mean that it would be a great idea to make a variable/vector/whatever to calculate swing speed and make slower or heavier weapons cost more energy, and add that to the tool tip. This would be especially good if you wanted to add strength/agility stats into the game at some point. As for the custom weapons, I don't mean a custom sprite or two, I mean creating different parts for various types of weapons like the ones you have already: bows - long and short, crossbows, spears, maces, battle axes, knives/daggers, and whatever other classes of weapons you have already (maybe even magically returning custom throwing weapons, that is, it is still in the slot only energy is consumed and "mana" or something). and the difference is that you could make maybe a handle of wood and an axe head of iron or something and replace the parts with better materials later if you want and you could attach special upgrades (some maybe repeatable some maybe not) to the whole thing so a very special add-on for all of this. If you decide to still use durability on these things, then I would ask you to make the weapons or even tools, if you want to go there, repairable instead of needing a completely new one, so maybe using the crafting bench (or, you know, the first add-on you make), the anvil, or tinkers tools to repair any tool/weapon. Either way I was thinking you could make some sort of magical plant, like a fungus or moss, that you could find or grow or both that when applied to a weapon or tool as an upgrade causes it to regrow any broken parts or repair itself when needed, even from the completely broken state, automatically, or you could make both a fungus and moss, one works better in light, the other in the dark. As for the custom parts you could make a few variants, that would probably be popular, and certain pieces cannot be made of wood or stone because honestly a wooden mace would not be too realistic or durable. You could honestly have this sort of system replace intermediate to far game systems for weapons and you could learn how to craft new types of weapons as time goes on and with different materials, which would be awesome :) I'll probably have some new ideas later so talk to you later then, and thanks for considering my suggestions.:)



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Re: Simi-Custom Weapons/Tools

PostSun Aug 14, 2016 8:14 am

So basically what you're suggesting is the Tinker's Construct mod for minecraft
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Re: Simi-Custom Weapons/Tools

PostWed Aug 17, 2016 8:56 am

Multipackwolf wrote:So basically what you're suggesting is the Tinker's Construct mod for minecraft




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Simi-Custom Weapons/Tools

PostFri Sep 02, 2016 8:55 pm

Honestly seems pretty dope, id love to fire lazer pistols in jjx XD
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