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Solar Systems!

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Solar Systems!

PostThu Apr 06, 2017 5:27 pm

Since the entire solar system has been finished, that means no more future planets. Well to that i say NO! I DEMAND MORE PLANETS!

Well anyways, here comes my idea. Solar Systems. The system we have is the 1st solar system, or id like to call it the "Sol" System.
(Numbers mean the number of portal pieces needed to create the following)
4 Seth + 4 Umbra + 3 Alba + 3 Thesis= 1 Alpha System Portal Piece
3 Yuca + 2 Zeno + 3 Mykon= 1 Alpha System Portal Piece
1 Cryo + 2 Magmar + 2 Lilith + 1 Tor= 1 Alpha System Portal Piece

How they look like in a grid, well thats for yall to decide.

Anyways, you get the concept. Once this Portal Pieces are crafted and placed down, you will be whisked into a new home planet in the new system. The portal will have its own unique rune with the name "Sol System Portal Piece" if broken down.

Planet Portals and System Portals will have a distinct look to differentiate the two easily.

This way, more planets can be added yay!

Thats all, thanks!

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