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[MOBS] Glowing Mobs & Projectiles!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:30 pm
by Mudkip45
What if there were some mobs which have a light value and would emit colored light. It's already in the game for players, so they could also be block-based. Especially since there's "Lume" mobs with glowing drops (weapons, armor, trinkets, etc.), as well as mobs with [seemingly] glowing eyes.
Also, projectiles thrown by mobs would glow block-based, too. So, this would basically be a lot like way they glow in Terraria.

For example:
Open Spoiler
  • MAGENTA…Lume Spider, Anthers, Green Murk
  • GREEN…….Lume Gators, Black Voodoo Demon, Pink Bulbous Crab, Purple Murk
  • RED………..Bats, Spiders, Crawlers
  • CYAN……….Anubis Mummy, Purple Slutch, Purple Voodoo Demon, Red Murk, Purple Twirk
  • ORANGE…Purries, Green Twirk, etc.

Respective Colors:
Open Spoiler
  • Geloids
  • Hollow Demons
  • Exotis

That's all I've got for now…