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Uber Mob Ideas + Final Boss + Sixth Planet!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:53 am
by snakey77
Ok so I found the fifth planets and their uber mobs really underwhelming, you could literally farm them and their fights did not really have a 'final boss'-like feel. I understand this was hard for Pixbits to make and I do appreciate that they made uber mobs, but except for Gutstriker, they are basically all the same. They shoot projectiles the same way, they have the same boring minions, etc. I would like it if Pixbits made these uber mobs unique, with Gutstriker shooting the bombs that Skexoton shoots while also keeping its own regular projectiles, Infernus having special projectiles which deal damage based on lava resist while keeping its original projectiles, Coldshadow having special projectiles with damage based on breath resist and Rusttalon being immune to knockback. In my opinion it would be fantastic if you could do this, but I am greedy and also want another planet and uber mob!
The planet will be the ultimate sixth planet, it will be mean, difficult, won't be accessed via the instant planets iAP and will hold the final boss of the game! To get to this planet you need to get not three, but four of it's portal pieces. There will be only one portal piece on each fifth planet (Magmar, Cryo, Lillith and Tor). This planet will have all kinds of crazy mobs like dragons, ninjas, huge swords moving by themselves and unlike other planets, there will be floating islands which are actually there and not just in the background (cough cough ALBA cough)! And also instead of the uber mob being found underground, it will be up in the sky, on one of those floating islands! This uber mob will be the final boss of the game and is a dragon! It will be immune to knockback, will fly and breate fire! During its first phase it will be floating in the sky shooting fireballs but then in its when its health gets to 1/2 it will enter its second phase and its AI will be like a regular bat but SUPER FAST and it will break any blocks it runs into. Upon its death it will drop a piece of its armour or its weapon, but unlike the other uber mobs, this weapon will be a bow and won't run out of durability like the others. All of the armour drops will have the following stats: +2 health, +0.1 regeneration, 15% slash, blunt, pierce and magic attack, 15% slash, blunt, pierce and magic defense, 15% breath, acid, lava and explosion resist, 8% walk, jump, swim, climb speed, 10% save ammo chance, light value of 16 (white colour) and 1.00 thorns. The helmet will have a special ability, giving you a throwable fireball every once in a while (like the ninja hat giving you shurikens) and the feet will give you 50% fall resist.
Anyway guys, what do you think of my idea? Thanks for reading.

Re: Uber Mob Ideas + Final Boss + Sixth Planet!

PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:29 pm
by Mudkip45
Omg, yes!!! The game needs dragons…now!!!
Plus, they said Bats were only the first flying mobs, but we don't have any others…yet.

Re: Uber Mob Ideas + Final Boss + Sixth Planet!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:07 am
by Mudkip45
Wow, snakey77, you have so many ideas! Maybe PixBits could use a 3rd dev as a think tank? lol
Gutstriker is the only Uber Mob with 2 phases (all others have only 1), so it makes sense for another planet for the final boss, since there's one thing missing…dragons! Maybe it would be a magic, fairy-tale-esque planet, looking somewhat like a cross between Alba and Mykon, with—you [never] guessed it—more spores! Also, critters like mushrooms (like Spore Screamers, except non-hostile (I guess like Jumping Spores from Lilith)), wolves, lizardmen, forest/jungle animals (tigers, [brown] bears, foxes, lions, etc.)…
Dragons spawn underground at the same rate as Bats. Small Dragons below-surface (size of Huge Bats), Huge Dragons deep underground (slightly larger than a block, shoot fireballs (if possible)). Most underground mobs shoot magic projectiles; don your Magic Resist armor and carry some Potions of Magic Resistance!

The underground biomes could be as follows:
Open Spoiler
  • Rainbow (or Iris): Rainbow (or Iridescent) Dirt and Stone. Armor Set emits light!
  • Castle: (Somewhat resembles the Library biome on Terra) Small Dragons commonly spawn here, and Hige Dragons occasionally spawn here. Armor Set looks like knight armor (yes, similar to Skeleton Knights (or Kelsior, if you will))
  • Crystal: (Closely resembles Frozen Crystal biome on Cryo) Crystallized Dirt and Stone. Slightly more ores are generated here. Maybe a rainbow gem (like Ruby, Tourmaline, Sapphire, etc.) is generated in this biome exclusively.