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[2.4.8][MINOR][COLLISION?] Bats Stuck on Block Corners

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[2.4.8][MINOR][COLLISION?] Bats Stuck on Block Corners

PostSat Jan 09, 2016 7:16 pm

As the title states, Bats—both "small" and huge—occasionally get stuck on the corners of blocks, though hitting them will "free" them.

Small: (Bat)
Open Spoiler

Huge: (Huge Bat)
Open Spoiler

They still have their animation and deal damage, but just can't move until hit.
So far, I've seen 2 small and 1 huge bat have this happen. Not sure if anyone else has seen this happen before.
Though, the small bat in the image above looks like it's on the top of the block, not the corner. Also, I haven't seen this happen "live," I just ran into this 3 times so far.

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