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[2.4.8][MINOR][MUSIC] Terra Playing Incorrect/Extra Music?

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[2.4.8][MINOR][MUSIC] Terra Playing Incorrect/Extra Music?

PostSat Jan 23, 2016 10:50 pm

When digging halfway underground, Great Distance and Great Valley play, but neither the bird ambience nor underground tracks (Though, sometimes I get Great Valley and the underground tracks). During night on that same block level, rather than Terra's nighttime ambience playing, no track plays at all. Though, the correct music plays deep underground.
Not sure if this happens on other planets, though I've dug on this world ~10 blocks under where underground rear blocks appear. So, maybe that is the cause? :dunno:
Hope that wasn't too complicated to understand… :?

EDIT: I also never get Always Cave Birds, no matter what block level. Also, this doesn't seem to happen on any other planet…

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