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Junk Jack Steam Possible Bugs

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Junk Jack Steam Possible Bugs

PostFri Aug 19, 2016 9:33 pm

Ok, Im backish... I now play Steam Junk Jack and even thou Im not a tester I am and will find all the Glitches and Bugs I can find and list them here. Although I will also like make a history of them and if they get fixed or not. I am willing to take my time and do this becuase I love the game like some others but Many others wont take the time to do this so Im the one thats doing it "Publicly".

List 'of possible "Bugs":
Open Spoiler
~Slimes and Mobs that bounce to get to players get stuck in areas that like 1 block hole, but they junp but they cant get out as if there was a block above them when there is litteraly nothing.

~Mobs and player projectiles, with the exception of magic, get stop in air as if there they hit a block when there is still space for it to "fly pass". Magic goes through blocks from the bottom.

~ Music stops often dueing gameplay to either play another track or it would just stop.

~Mobs wont chase the player if the mob is one block below the player but still can walk to the player by jumping the one block. They attempt to jumop the block but they dont succeed.

~Skeleton archers in terra shoot arrows rarely, mainly when they stop walking.

~None of the Multiplayer "buttons" work but playing multiplayer can be achived by having one player creating a steam server and the other would have to click on the player in Steam's chat menu in the join game. (Only tested with 2 players Max)

~Other players can place Locks(Not a bug but there is no way to change it)

~Grass not droping seeds and rarely droping tall grass?

This is what I find myself also I shall add if I find anything funny with the Multiplayer side of things since I LOVE playing with others. Also I plan to add to this post so I dont have to be creating a new post for all the things I find, so Officials please check this post from time to time.
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