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[Medium][Biome Chest Issues][v 3.0 Steam]

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[Medium][Biome Chest Issues][v 3.0 Steam]

PostMon Nov 07, 2016 7:42 pm

I've been playing junk jack on steam for a while now and have reached the new planet Tor. In the steampunk looking biome, I tried to open a mithril locked biome chest and received no item drops from it. Several of the objects as well don't have drops in the steam biome, such as the giant lightbulb or the broken wires (I'm not sure what they're actually called but that's what they look like to me.) If this post is super bad, please don't judge it's my first post. One other thing that really isn't a bug but more of a drop balance issue is that in my first 5 minutes on tor (in normal mode) I got two pocked a pocket gomphoth, a pocket rat, and two pocket crunchers, but hey, I could just have gotten lucky.

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