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Book Shelf ladder & Valentines daybug PC version

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Book Shelf ladder & Valentines daybug PC version

PostMon Mar 26, 2018 2:28 am

I have been playing Junk jack a little over a week now, and discovered a few bugs while doing so. I moved my character and all it's things over to a new adventure world, the size and type I wanted, not the one that got made forcefully the first time I ran the game. In doing so, discovered two bugs.

:( Book shelf ladder bug was the first one I discovered. The starting world which I believe is called Terra, I accumulated a bunch of those climbable book shelves which I wanted to use in my castle I was building in the sky, and discovered while I was re-placing them, that I was getting a totally different book shelf. Instead of being able to make my own climbable book shelf ladder, like they have in the dungeons, the book shelves are re-placing with a different type which is wider than the original plus you cant climb it now. It acts like a building block instead of a ladder so you cant use them for much of anything since they now hinder movement, and I don't see a reason to make a building out of them, as they would look more like an eye sore than anything nice. It would be nice if this can be fixed, or a way to make them placeable where it can be chosen whether to use them as ladder type, or building block type. I spent a good two hours collecting them to find out the hard way, they were unusable =(

:( The second bug I'm not sure if the company activated, or I activated when I generated a new set of worlds with my older character. The set of planets that generated the first time around when I started the game look and act totally different with the stats set to huge. I'm finding Valentine chests and monsters in two different planets I have visited so far and even found a way to duplicate them so I don't have to go searching. The duplicate is actually everything, not just the chests.



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Re: Book Shelf ladder & Valentines daybug PC version

PostWed Mar 28, 2018 1:48 pm

Since bookshelves act as a block you can put them in the background layer, to get the look without hindering movement. But it would be nice to have the climbeable ones as well.
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Book Shelf ladder & Valentines daybug PC version

PostWed Mar 28, 2018 4:18 pm

If you really wanted climbable book shelfs there are a couple of alternatives. I admit they don't look quite as nice as the ones you see in library biomes but they do work.
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