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[Minor][3.2-steam]Golems, Last Edit

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[Minor][3.2-steam]Golems, Last Edit

PostSat Jul 21, 2018 7:49 pm

Lilith-Silicium Golems are not dropping Silicium Hearts

Mykon-Slime Golems have a chance to drop Shock Maul which is odd since they are slime

Tor-Rust Golems seem to have old model(being small and not big like the rest) acting like the newer ones where they do drop their head sometimes when killing them but don't drop hearts, I haven't found Rust Golems with new model on Tor maybe bad luck there but not sure.

Umbra-has Arcane golems nothing wrong there but i no longer see Rusting Golems even though i still have their drops they're just not being found or no longer in the game im not sure after the mob update, in creative mode there's a Rust Golem egg for Umbra that should probably be how Tor Golems look
The Rusting Golem where the Golems that had square heads and dropped
Rusting Golem Head
Steamer Chest
Rusting Heavy Boots

Air Golem Head/Ice Cube Head-when wearing it your character is bald
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