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Crafting Glitch on IoS

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Crafting Glitch on IoS

PostMon Jul 30, 2018 3:37 pm

Whenever I craft an item which requires more than one of a material, it only uses up one of that material.
Example, I have 8 titanium bars and make a titanium key. I now have 7 titanium bars and one titanium key, while I should have 4. I can keep doing crafting cheap titanium keys until eventually I have only 3 titanium, then it will not let me.



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Re: Crafting Glitch on IoS

PostSun Aug 26, 2018 8:47 am

I got this bug too, the game is soooooo easy now...



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Re: Crafting Glitch on IoS

PostTue Feb 19, 2019 3:49 pm

Fixed, locking, thanks.

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