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So multiplayer might not be that bad after all.

Everything about multiplayer should be discussed here.
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So multiplayer might not be that bad after all.

PostMon Nov 03, 2014 6:42 am

I had initially posted this on the Junk Jack subreddit, but thought that this would be a much more fitting place to post it, as the Junk Jack community seems to be much bigger here. Please excuse the references to Reddit in the last paragraph. Thanks!

Hi all,

This is a really long post, but it's well worth the read. I hope my experience has been conveyed in this post, and affects you as much as it has affected me.

I've been playing Junk Jack X for about a week now. So far, I've put in far over 10 hours, have a nice castle on Terra, and have another base on Seth. A good friend of mine and I tried to play multiplayer together, but Junk Jack kept on crashing for some reason, so we stopped.

Today, I tried to give multiplayer mode another chance. Since my friend was not available to play, I decided to play others via auto-match. I thought that I might be able to trade with others, but it seemed that no matter what, I never brought with me what others wanted.

So, I decided to host my own games. The first few people were nice, but didn't want to trade. However, one person decided to "trade," and instead ran off, stole some gold armor and silver tools I had on display in my castle, and quit with my armor in his inventory. Somewhat disenchanted, I decided to play it safe and conduct trades on Seth, where I could store some of my items up for trade in chests in my secondary base.

Like my experiences with hosting on Terra, the first few people were nice. One or two mined with me, but most quit after I told them that I didn't have any rare items for trade. One person in particular, however, took it too far. We agreed to "trade," but before I knew it, he was tearing down my portal back to Terra. Luckily, I ended the session quickly, but not before he stole one of the portal pieces.

Now, I was stuck on Seth with a broken portal, some ore, some sticks, and a few tools. Desperate, I emailed Pixbits about the issue, but decided to try and solve it on my own in the meanwhile. Rather than risking losing more precious items, I decided to trade for Seth portal pieces on games hosted by others. Again, most refused to trade because I had no rares, but a few were willing to trade. However, these few ended up just scamming me out of more materials.

At this point, I was becoming extremely disenchanted. Barely anyone was willing to trade with me, and the few people who had portal pieces decided to scam me.

However, my luck changed. I had just joined yet another player in their base, and was immediately blown away by how impressive it looked. I then decided to ask him/her (but I think it was a her, so I'll refer to him/her as a female from this point on) to give a tour of her base. She agreed, and took me on a five-minute tour throughout the best base I had ever seen.
I initially thought that the tour would be a good trust building exercise, and had planned on asking if she would be willing to trade me Seth portal pieces after the tour was over.

When the tour ended, I followed my plan and asked if she had the portal pieces I was looking for. She did, and asked me how many I needed. I told her three (I was planning on making a portal to Seth from Terra on a separate adventure map, then gathering the return portal pieces to use on my original adventure map). She went to a chest, got out three portal pieces, and gave them to me. For free. No questions asked.

At this point, I was blown away by how awesome this person was (and still is). After hours of searching for a nice person on multiplayer, I had finally found one-- a person who wasn't on multiplayer to search for rare items, or to scam others, but for the sake of meeting new people. I thanked her profusely, and she replied not just by saying "thank you," but also giving me more gifts.

To say I was speechless is an understatement. Never before had I met someone as kind as this person was. None of my friends would have just handed me a Seth portal, three mystery gifts, and a rare pet snake over without asking for anything back, and this random stranger over the internet did. Thank you, whoever you are-- the player with walls of armors and rare items, the player with two homes, a bakery and restaurant, and a farm, the player with an unmatched generosity-- thank you. You've made such a big impression on me, that you motivated me-- a Reddit lurker with an account, one who never posts, upvotes, or comments-- to come out of my shell and thank you. May you be blessed with all the good luck in the world, and may your incredibly positive attitude make Junk Jack X multiplayer and this world a better place. Thank you.



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Re: So multiplayer might not be that bad after all.

PostMon Nov 03, 2014 6:55 am

Easy solution to stop scammers on your worlds.
Go options>Multiplayer(on the 2nd page)> and enable everything (if you want you can turn off profamir=ty filter)
ALso do you have the names of the cscammers and the nice person?




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Re: So multiplayer might not be that bad after all.

PostTue Nov 04, 2014 3:14 am

Thank you for the great tip! Sadly, I don't have the names of the kind soul and the scammers-- I wish I did though.



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Re: So multiplayer might not be that bad after all.

PostTue Nov 04, 2014 4:12 am

I-I'm a nice guy too, you know.

Anyhoo, you could add me on Gamecenter and we can play together. I have a nice house that I could show you and whatnot. :)
Sincerely, Solly.

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Re: So multiplayer might not be that bad after all.

PostThu Nov 06, 2014 2:52 am

I have a massive castle,ca guest castle, a house built inside a tree, a bunker, a demons lair, a massssssive green house, and some a just ridiculously big showroom I'd love to show you my gc is rashole
I am a freelance helper.

I enjoy helping people, if you need help please don't hesitate to message me or add me on gamecenter @ "rashole"

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