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Good Players Online

Everything about multiplayer should be discussed here.
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Good Players Online

PostTue Dec 23, 2014 11:22 am

Well, earlier, I was playing online on Junk Jack, hosting my Xeno Mob Grinder and this guy joined (GC: the little dukes) and we were chatting for a while about the new update. Then we started derping around in my mob grinder, and eventually the guy died. So, I was like 'Look for the hole on the surface and jump down it when I say' and I was gonna put water on it. So, here I am, looking for the bottom of the hole when I fall into my grinder and get killed within seconds. Luckily, it's on easy so I didn't drop anything. That's us both on the surface with no way down.

It was raining acid so we set up a temporary shelter to beat the downpour, finally it stopped. So we has to think of a plan. He had a few torches, not many, and I had a half-broken gold pickaxe. Since the protection thing was on he couldn't break anything. I had a plan, but not a very good one. I did have a iron bucket in my inventory and there was some acid nearby.
I grab a bucket full of acid and pour it into the deep hole. We slowly start swimming down, taking breaks every so often to catch our breaths and heal up. Soon, we found that the tunnel only went so far down, not all the way to the grinder, so he suggests that he will hold a torch and I can dig down underneath us. So thats what we did.

We didn't get down much blocks before the Pickaxe inevitably broke. Stranded in a hole we had to think up another plan. He looked in his inventory and pulled out a few Titanium pickaxes and tries to break down. World lock was on. He decides that he is gonna trust me with his pickaxes and throws me them.

From there on we dig down merrily and find the grinder again. We were both very relieved. I tried to give him a Twistrazor Chest but he denies it. But I do give him a Frost Trinket. We both say Bye to each other and smile, then leave. I've added him on GC.

That was probably the most fun adventure I have ever been on in this game, I will definitely want to play with this guy again.
So if you meet him online, GC: the little dukes, do be nice to him.

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