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Read Before Reporting Bugs

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Read Before Reporting Bugs

PostTue Sep 22, 2015 7:01 pm

Originally posted on the JJ1 forums:

mguniverse wrote:If at all possible: take a screenshot of your bugs, rotate them to their normal format, and include them in your thread. I'm sure it will help the Pixbits team fix the bugs a lot more quickly if they can actually SEE the bug you are reporting.

Just a friendly request.

ddawg77 wrote:Everyone please, please, PLEASE use the search button and search your problem before reporting bugs! Doing this helps Pixbits greatly, and will reduce the chances of someone accidentally bringing up an old thread that has already been reported. Thank you!

Also, in the JJX Beta Section:
Jack wrote:
To keep the forum clean we would like you to follow a simple advice: prepend to the topic name the specific category of the issue you are reporting. Some examples:

  • [GFX] bla bla bla
  • [CRASH][MP] bla bla bla
  • [MAJOR][CRAFTING] bla bla bla
  • [MINOR][UI] bla bla bla

Something like that, just to give you the idea. Please avoid duplicated posts and please understand we're not discussing gameplay issues but mainly bugs. For this reason please avoid opening thread which are not related to a specific testing issue, thanks.

If you can't find a thread that was present in the forum it means that it has been locked and moved into Fixed Issue, search for it there.
Thanks, Stuart98.
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Re: Read Before Reporting Bugs

PostSat Sep 24, 2016 4:07 pm

I'd like to add this little tidbit of information.

If your bug report does not get any replies within "x" amount of days where "x" is some number between 1 and whatever number of days it takes you to get annoyed by it having no responses, do not panic or get annoyed. Your bug report will be viewed and taken care of when Pixbits have the time to do so.

As well, the Reports section is obviously better without topics being bumped up by chit chat that is not productive towards the bug being resolved (not that this has been happening anyway).
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