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Ebony wood planks

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Ebony wood planks

PostWed Apr 19, 2017 6:44 am

Anyone else notice that when you break the planks it'll multiply them? So break one then get two. Repeat.



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Re: Ebony wood planks

PostWed Apr 19, 2017 9:01 am

Haven't actually got a working version of the game at hand (until the android release anyway) but this might be worth a bug report over on this sub-forum: viewforum.php?f=40 and thanks for reporting it!

Here is Jack's guide to the reporting bug style
To keep the forum clean we would like you to follow a simple advice: prepend to the topic name the specific category of the issue you are reporting. Some examples:

[GFX] bla bla bla
[CRASH][MP] bla bla bla
[MAJOR][CRAFTING] bla bla bla
[MINOR][UI] bla bla bla

Something like that, just to give you the idea. Please avoid duplicated posts and please understand we're not discussing gameplay issues but mainly bugs. For this reason please avoid opening thread which are not related to a specific testing issue, thanks.

If you can't find a thread that was present in the forum it means that it has been locked and moved into Fixed Issue, search for it there.

In this case the title tag would probably be: [MAJOR][CRAFTING] bla bla bla
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Re: Ebony wood planks

PostWed Apr 19, 2017 5:36 pm

Fixed, thanks!
Moving to bugs section.

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