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[Big] [Steam 3.2.1] Items Disappearing: Chests - Multiplayer

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[Big] [Steam 3.2.1] Items Disappearing: Chests - Multiplayer

PostMon May 13, 2019 3:39 am

1. Host Multiplayer World, Max 2 Players
2. Friend Joins Game
3. Friend opens chest with items in it.
4. Friend Stacks his item of choice onto the the same item in that chest already (for example, he Stacks dirt onto more dirt in the chest, via quick stack or drag and drop).
5. Friend closes chest and then reopens the chest, chest has original amount of said item (before he put more onto that stack).

For example, the chest had 5 dirt blocks and then he put another 13 into the chest, on top of the other 5, making it 18 blocks, before he closes the chest. The chest is then reopened and only 5 blocks of dirt exist.

This does not effect the host and does not happen when you put items into empty slots.

--> This also happens with other interactables like Furnaces <--

[Version 3.2.1 on Steam]

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