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3.0 Yikem's Home (Under Construction)

PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 11:53 pm
by yikems
Since new update.. some New items... i will be in the progress redoing my ALL item list... I will be starting new with things.. It will take some time.. But i feel good that i will get this done.. ill keep it the same categories.. and all.. I really hope people will still enjoy this.. Ill have to see..

Collect On!!

All the items I have.. Its a work in progress..

This is a place where I will be listing things out.. No trading right now.. Sorry.. but i have advantage now. in 2 weeks i will update the new items list.. also i am currently working on a list of those MASSIVE amount of seed.

Open Spoiler
4-19-15: Added the list of Blocks and Plants
5-18-15: New Update.. Stay tuned..
5-20-15: Added a bunch of stuff i have found..
5-24-15: Added more.. still looking for a few more things and it will have it all on here:D.. also i will be changing the names of the stuff that has been changed to something else.
5-25-15: Added the rest of the fish.. Also Intergrated the new update items into other categorizes.. But will also leave the list in the update goods so easier to see which is new..
10-06-15 Added SOME of the new seeds: Also Fixed alot of mistakes (Thanx to Mudkip45)
10-12-15 Add the list of items of the newest update 2.4.4 ENJOY
12-27-15 Add the list of items of the newest update 2.4.8 (I will update the full list.. Some items have changed) ENJOY
If you find something i am missing in my current list please message me and let me know

Open Spoiler
Purple Hollow Hood (Doesnt seem to drop)

Open Spoiler
Bat Fur Coat
Bat Necklace
Blue Hollow Hood
Brain Necklace
Candle Collar
Carved Skull Staff
Crypt Bricks
Crypt Bridge
Crypt Candle
Crypt Floor
Crypt Set Chest
Crypt Set Feet
Crypt Set Helm
Crypt Set Legs
Crypt Set Maul
Crypt Set Spear
Crypt Set Sword
Crypt Tiles
Dark Steel Column
Darkened Demon Plate
Dry Tree Sapling
Exposed Brain
Eye Necklace
Grates Floor
Ground Sewer Grate
Grumpy Grump
Hollow Demon Statue
Hollow Diamond Staff
Hollow Emerald Staff
King Rat Collar
King Rat Statue
Large Iron Chain
Melting Skeleton Boots
Melting Skeleton Pants
Melting Skeleton Statue
Mojo Bookshelf
Mojo Bricks
Mojo Candle
Mojo Candles
Mojo Ceil Chandelier
Mojo Chair
Mojo Chandelier
Mojo Pants
Mojo Set Chest
Mojo Set Feet
Mojo Set Helm
Mojo Set Legs
Mojo Set Maul
Mojo Set Spear
Mojo Set Sword
Mojo Staff
Mojo Table
Mojo Wood Frame
Muddy Green Leaf
Muddy Green Leaves
Nightcrawler Soul
Pocket Eye
Pocket Larva
Pocket Rat
Pocket Rotting Pig
Pocket Rotting Sheep
Purple Tabard
Purple Tabard Floor
Red Nightcrawler Soul
Rotting Belly Trinket
Royal Pants
Rusting Golem Head
Rusting Heavy Boots
Rusty Girder
Rusty Ladder
Sewer Bricks
Sewer Bricks Column
Sewer Floor
Sewer Grate
Sewer Lantern
Sewer Set Chest
Sewer Set Feet
Sewer Set Helm
Sewer Set Legs
Sewer Set Maul
Sewer Set Spear
Sewer Set Sword
Silent Necklace
Slimy Eye Statue
Square Stone Column
Steamer Chest
Stone Fountain
Tube Bridge
Umbra Pine Tree Sapling
Umbra Portal Piece
Voodoo Demon Helm
Voodoo Demon Statue
Voodoo Diamond Necklace
Voodoo Diamond Staff
Voodoo Emerald Necklace
Voodoo Emerald Staff
Zombie Crypt

Open Spoiler
Anubis Head
Bat Mask
Black Sun Glasses
Blast Helm
Blue Glasses
Blue Rugby Helmet
Blue Jaguar Cape
Broken Mining Helmet
Bowler Hat
Captain Hat
Cone Hat
Court Wig
Demon Ripper Head
Diving Helm
Dracula Mask
Evolved Slime Cap
Fish Head
Fisherman Hat
Frost skeleton head
Frosty Hat
Gangster Hat
Gorgler Head
Green Plumber Hat
Guy Fawkes Mask
Hell Helm
Ice cube head
Iron Mask
Iron Pot Hat
Jason Mask
Jester Cap
Pirate Hat
Prison Hat
Propeller Beanie
Pumpkin Mask
Purple Plumber Hat
Racing Helmet
Red Bandana
Red Gangster Hat
Red Glasses
Red Plumber Hat
Red Racing Helmet
Red Rugby Helmet
Red Scarf
Reindeer hat
Rice Hat
Sailor Hat
Sand Golem Head
Scuba Set
Shark Fin
Silicium Golem Head
Skeleton Head
Slimey Hat
Stone Golem Head
Swap Golem Head
Swamp Skull Head
Technician Mask
Terraorcrab Brain Helm
Thin Blue Glasses
Thin Purple Glasses
Thin Red Glasses
Top Hat
Tricorne Hat
Turkey Head
Viking Hat
Wega Mask
White Rice Hat
Witch Hat
Wolf Cape
Yellow Fez
Yellow Plumber Hat
Yellow Racing Helmet
Yellow Sun Glasses
Z Hat
Zombie Head

Open Spoiler
Angel Wings
Black Shirt
Blue Dress Shirt
Blue Shirt
Blue Tie Tux
Bone Armor Chest
Brown Shirt
Cyan Dress Shirt
Cyan Flower Shirt
Cyan Shirt
Cyan Turtle Chest
Demon Gator Green Chest Armor
Demon Gator Purple Chest Armor
Exo Chest
Farmer Dress
Frost Mage tunic
Gangster Jacket
Gator Carapace Chest
Glasses 3D Shirt
Gnawler Shell
Green Dress Shirt
Green Fantasy Dress
Green Plumber Suit
Green Shirt
Green Tie Tux
Green Turtle Chest
Grey Shirt
Indie Shirt
Ivory Chest
Light Blue Shirt
Lime Green Shirt
Luma Chest
Love Shirt
Mage Tunic
Mage Tunic
Magenta Dress Shirt
Magenta Shirt
Mummy Armor Shirt
Nerd Shirt
Orange Shirt
Pink Dress
Pirate Dress
Pixbits Shirt
Primitive Silk Tunic
Prison Shirt
Purple Dress
Purple Fantasy Dress
Purple Shirt
Purple Turtle Chest
Red Dress Shirt
Red Fantasy Dress
Red Flower Shirt
Red Plumber Suit
Red Shirt
Red Tie Tux
Red Turtle Chest
Rose Shirt
Santa Suit
Shadow Armor Chest
Slutch Purple Shell
Slutch Red Shell
Smile Shirt
Striker Chest
Stripes Shirt
Super J Shirt
Super X Shirt
Tribal Belly Chest
Tribal Ripper Vest
Turkey Dress
Vintage Coin Shirt
Weird Plumber Suit
White Flower Shirt
White Shirt
White Tux
Wizard Dress
Yellow Dress Shirt
Yellow Shirt
Zombie Shirt

Open Spoiler
Beige Shorts
Beige Slacks
Black Pants
Black Shorts
Black Slacks
Black Tux Pants
Blue Jeans
Blue Tux Pants
Bright Blue Jeans
Brown Pants
Brown Shorts
Brown Slacks
Cyan Bermuda
Cyan Pants
Farmer Pants
Frost Mage Tunic Legs
Gangster Pants
Green Bermuda
Green Pants
Green Plumber Pants
Green Tux Pants
Grey Pants
Indie Pants
Lights Blue Pants
Lime Green Pants
Mage Tunic Legs
Magenta Pants
Orange Pants
Ogre Slip
Pink Bermuda
Pink Skirt
Pirate Pants
Purple Pants
Purple Skirt
Red Jeans
Red Pants
Red Plumber Pants
Red Tux Pants
Rose Pants
Santa Suit
White Shorts
White Slacks
White Pants
Weird Plumber Pants
White Tux Pants
Wizard Pants
Yellow Pants

Open Spoiler
Black Heels
Elegant White Shoes
Elegant Black Shoes
Farmer Boots
Frog Boots
Green Fantasy Boots
Green Plumber Shoes
Indie Boots
Magma Boots
Pegasus Boots
Pirate Boots
Primitive Silk Tunic Legs
Purple Fantasy Boots
Red Fantasy Boots
Red Heels
Red Plumber Shoes
Santa Boots
Skeleton Boots
Space Zombie Boots
Wizard Shoes
Weird Plumber Shoes

Open Spoiler
Anubis Staff
Blader Sword
Blue Serpent Sword
Blue Swift Sword
Blue Worm Sword
Big Carrot
Bob Maul
Brown Serpent Sword
Brutality Sword
Candy Cane Club
Cyan Worm Sword
Dark Shuriken
Demon Trident
Exo Sword
Gnawler Impaler
Gold Fin Trident
Gray Leather Sword
Green Leather Sword
Green Worm Sword
Frost Sword
Ice Sword
Ivory Sword
Kaleb Spear
Love Arrow
Luma Trident
Lume Pole
Pharaoh Staff
Purple Worm Sword
Primordial Claw
Scorpion Sword
Sand Golem Sword
Shadow Incursor
Shock Maul
Silicium Worm Sword
Slutch Stafers
Snow Ball
Spiked Slime Polearm
Stone Golem Sword
Swamp Sword
Red Worm Sword
Throwable Seed
Throwing Knife
Turkey Club
Tribal Spear
Vanquisher Hammer
Venomous Sting Spear
Zombie Cupid Bow

Open Spoiler
Abnormal Fin Trinket
Acid Essence Bauble
Acid Presence Necklace
Arcane Essence Bauble
Arctic Feather Necklace
Air Essence Bauble
Belch Horn Necklace
Black Fang Necklace
Black Skull Trinket
Black Spider Necklace
Blood Fin Trinket
Bloody Eyes Necklace
Blue Bracelet
Blue Carapace Necklace
Blue Jaguar Tail Necklace
Blue Spider Necklace
Bull Horn Necklace
Bird Beak Necklace
Bunny Paw Necklace
Brain Stem Necklace
Broken Amethyst Necklace
Brown Carapace Necklace
Camel Paw Necklace
Crab Trinket
Crawler Necklace
Crocodile Tail Necklace
Crocodile Teeth Necklace
Coral Necklace
Cyan Carapace Necklace
Cyan Leaper Necklace
Cyan Worm Necklace
Dark Star Trinket
Demon Eye Necklace
Emerald Spider Necklace
Enchanted Obsidian Trinket
Ethereal Essence Bauble
Evil Essence Bauble
Four Leaf Clover
Frost Trinket
Frozen Necklace
Gnawler Soul Necklace
Green Carapace Necklace
Green Evolved Necklace
Green Fin Necklace
Green Fincrab Necklace
Green Worm Necklace
Gold Amethyst Ring
Gold Citrine Ring
Gold Diamond Ring
Gold Emerald Ring
Gold Essence Amulet
Gold Ivory Necklace
Gold Mummy Necklace
Gold Ruby Ring
Gold Peacock Necklace
Gold Sapphire Ring
Gold Tanzanite Ring
Gold Topaz Ring
Gold Tourmaline Ring
Gorgler Trinket
Halo Necklace
Heart Necklace
Hell Tusk Necklace
Hermit Crab Trinket
Iguana Tail Necklace
Insect Wing Necklace
Ivory Necklace
Jungle Spider Necklace
Kaleb Red Bracelet
Kaleb Green Bracelet
Lime Frog Necklace
Lucky Necklace
Lume Trinket
Magical Horn Necklace
Magical Mistletoe
Mammoth Trinket
Mandible Trinket
Marsh Necklace
Night Owl Trinket
Ocelot Tail Necklace
Octopus Trinket
Pentatober Necklace
Pure Evil Trinket
Purple Carapace Necklace
Purple Evolved Necklace
Purple Fin Necklace
Purple Worm Necklace
Red Carapace Necklace
Red Fin Necklace
Red Fincrab Necklace
Red Leaper Necklace
Red Shard Trinket
Red Spider Necklace
Red Worm Necklace
Ribcage Necklace
Ripper Spine Trinket
Sand Essence Bauble
Shadow Trinket
Silent Jaguar Tail Necklace
Silicium Slime Necklace
Skeleton Necklace
Skeleton Mage Trinket
Slimy Trinket
Spine Necklace
Spore Trinket
Stardust Trinket
Stone Essence Bauble
Summer Necklace
Sunset Leaf Trinket
Squirrel Tail Trinket
Turkey Swiftness Trinket
Venomous Necklace
Voodoo Necklace
Water Essence Bauble
Weird Feather Necklace
Witch Necklace
Yellow Spider Necklace
Yellow Tooth Necklace

Open Spoiler
Black Demon Armor
Brown Scale Armor
Cured Blue Leather
Cured Purple Leather
Cured White Leather
Dream Crystal
Frost Leather
Frozen Crystal
Frozen Ivory
Green Demon Armor
Green Scale Armor
Krake Set
Ogre Lair
Old Glyph
Purple Scale Armor
Raw Leather
Red Demon Armor

Open Spoiler
Cute Cat
Cute Dino
Dual Gamepad
Jack Phone
Glowing Star
Gold Shield
Golden Fireworks
Gray Gamepad
Lava Lamp
Music Player
Penguin Collar
Pig Nose
Pink Fluffy
Old Cartridge
Orange Gun
Red Gamepad
Robo Head
Sssquared Monster
Soft Cloud
Strenth Triangle
Super Gamepad
Terminated Head
Tiny Comet
Tiny Jack
Tiny Penguin
Tiny Santa
Vintage Cassette
Vintage Console
Vintage Joystick

Open Spoiler
Another Ascii Dwarf
Another Invader
Another Tama Guy
Ascii Dwarf
Banana Guy
Blue Bee
Blue Rubia
Blue Trax
Blue Turtle Guy
Blue Pac Girl
Blue Vinyl
Bomb Guy
Bullet, The
Carnivore Guy
Cactus Guy
Cave Guy
Cute Hamster
Cute Onion
Cyan Disk
Cyan Ghost
Dig Guy
Dig Monster
Dug Guy
Energy Punch
Fire Ball
Flaming Flower
Flying Fish
Ghost Guy
Gorilla Guy
Green Ghost
Green Mushroom
Green Pipe
Green Floppy
Green Plumber
Green Rubia
Green Vinyl
Hat Guy
Jack Most Loved Emote
Knight Guy
Le Guy
Legend of Url
Light Blue Vinyl
Magenta Floppy
Magenta Shroom
Magenta Vinyl
Mars Guy
New Leaf
Octo Guy
Old Barrel
Old Duck
Old Coin
Orange Skull
Orange Turtle Guy
Orange Vinyl
Pac Guy
Pink Ghost
Pixel Hammer
Puffy Bee
Purple Floppy
Purple Turtle Guy
Rainbow Fruit
Red Flying Fish
Red Floppy
Red Octo
Red Pac Girl
Red Plumber
Red Rubia
Red Ship
Red Shroom
Red Trax
Red Tube
Red Turtle Guy
Red Vinyl
Reddit Alien
Scared Ghost
Scary Mask
Spiked Roach
Tama Guy
Tiny Snake
Ultra Man
Very Old Alien
Very Old Cow Boy
White Sheep
Wonder Guy
Yellow Trax
Yellow Vinyl
Yet Another Tama Guy
Zealead Guy

Open Spoiler
All Copper, Silver, and Gold

Open Spoiler
Have them all and in all the bottle sizes

Open Spoiler
Black Witch Cat
Dark Star
Falling Star
Green Annoying Spore
Hermit Carb
Jumping Spore
Krake Larva
Long Fin Scarab
Night Owl
Shadow Lurker
Stone Golem
Tiny Spore
Tuula Blue
Tuula Green
Valentine Rabbit
Witch Broom

Open Spoiler
Acid Dweller
Acid Trout
Algae Pike
Amethyst Fish
Angel Fish
Antanium Fish
Arc Fish
Armored Angler
Bamboo Betta
Beard Fish
Belly Crestfish
Bluefin Pecker
Bonito Fish
Brook Goby
Bulbhead Wolver
Butterfly Fish
Citrine Fish
Clown Fish
Coal fish
Cody Nosefish
Coolie Dace
Copper Fish
Crest Fluter
Croaker Chub
Crystal Fish
Cyano Fin
Diamond Fish
Doratia Bifida
Duck Tetra
Dwarf Carp
Elver Carp
Emerald Fish
Emo Snapper
Exotic Parrotfish
False Shrimp
Flia Shrimp
Flat Goatfish
Flatnose Picker
Flurly Trill
Freshacid Tetra
Galvanium Fish
Gilthead Bream
Gold Fish
Gracious Abissinian
Green Bitail
Green Nosediver
Green Thinspike
Hairtail Hake
Hornose Spin
Icy Tang
Iron Fish
Lagena Sola
Lava fish
Lion Fish
Luma Carp
Luma Rib Fish
Mithril Fish
Nose Buff
Oryx Icefish
Pacific Danio
Pale Flatfish
Parrot Fin
Pearl Flatfish
Pink Goby
Pink Ladyfish
Pipe Bass
Primordial Wolver
Purple Belly Fish
Purple Chub
Racoon Fish
Rag Fish
Rainbow Fin Muf
Red Crest Diver
Red Mullet
Red Snapper
Red Wolver
Ribcage Fish
Ruby Fish
Saddle Bream
Sand Diver
Sand Goby
Sand Mullet
Sapphire Fish
Sea Plaice
Silver Fish
Snort Carp
Stache Fin
Straight Arrowhead
Swamp Piranha
Tanzanite Fish
Termite Fish
Tetra Barb
Thin Hake
Tiny Ice Shark
Tiny Tang
Titanium Fish
Topaz Fish
Torpedo Tang
Tourmaline Fish
Trigger Fish
Tube Cuda
Venomous Ray
Wavy Bogler
Winged Sunfish
Wood Fish
Zafire Crab

Open Spoiler
Belly Bob
Blind Skeleton
Bronze Kight
Brute Ogre
Demon Gator
Demon Obsidian
Demon Ripper
Gorilla Ripper
Ice Yeti
Jungle Scarab
Krake Worm
Lume Gator
Mage Skeleton
Mummy Spear
Shadow Lurker
Shadow Lurker Cold
Skeleton Mage Frost
Skeleton Knight Gold
Skeleton Ivory
Slime Evolved
Spore Gorgler
Swamp Skull
Tribal Ripper
Tribal Demon
Zombie Ghost

Open Spoiler
Agarista Glabra Spores
Bear Tusk
Belch Horn
Big Shell
Bird Beak
Black Fang
Black Feather
Black Goo
Black Hairy Tail
Black Sludge
Blood Eye
Blue Carapace
Blue Coral
Blue Goo
Blue Hairy Tail
Blue Ivry Nectar
Blue Petal
Blue Seaweed
Blue Serpent Scale
Blue Sludge
Brown Beast Scale
Brown Carapace
Brown Fang
Brown Hairy Tail
Brown Serpent Scale
Bull Horn
Camel Paw
Cerulean Spore
Cold Grass Leaf
Coral Spores
Crab Claw
Crocodile Tail
Crocodile Tooth
Curlhair Leaves
Cyan Carapace
Cyan Flower
Cyan Fluo Fin
Cyan Goo
Cyan Sludge
Cyan Turtle Shell
Dark Magical Powder
Deer Horns
Emerald Spider Leg
Frozen Fragment
Gorgler Spore
Gray Carapace
Green Beast Scale
Green Carapace
Green Fin
Green Goo
Green Seaweed
Green Serpent Scale
Green Sludge
Green Turtle Shell
Hell Tusk
Hermit Crab Shell
Iguana Tail
Insect Leg
Insect Wing
Ivory Bone
Krake EggShell
Krake Heart
Krake Eggshell
Krake Worm Teeth
Luma Carapace
Luma Horns
Magenta Flower
Magenta Fluo Fin
Magenta Sludge
Magental Petal
Magical Horn
Magical Powder
Mammoth Tusk
Night Owl Feather
Octopus Limb
Orange Petal
Orange Seaweed
Peacock Tail
Pentalober Black Tentacle
Pentalober Blue Tentacle
Phaoria Pistil
Purple Beast Scale
Purple Carapace
Purple Coral
Purple Fin
Purple Goo
Purple Petal
Purple Seaweed
Purple Turtle Shell
Rabbit Paw
Rat Tail
Red Carapace
Red Fin
Red Goo
Red Orb
Red Serpent Scale
Red Sludge
Red Turtle Shell
Ripper Spine
Scratcher Nail
Silicium Core Sparks
Skull Mandible
Snail Shell
Spider Web
Spinal Cord
Sponge Coral
Squirral Tail
Striata Leaf
Turkey Feather
Venomous Sting
Weird Green Feather
Weird Purple Feather
Weird Red Feather
White Crystal
Yellow Coral
Yellow Goo
Yellow Petal
Yellow Pistil

Open Spoiler
Coming Soon

Open Spoiler
Coming Soon

Open Spoiler
Aloysia Alata Sprout
Apple Tree Sapling
Apriot Tree Sapling
Arctic Spruce Sapling
Arctium Nivalis Tree Sapling
Bamboo Sprout
Banana Tree Sapling
Bean Sprout
Betula Opaca Sprout
Big Purple Iris Sapling
Black Rose Sprout
Blueberry Sprout
Cactus Sprout
Canadia Sprout
Carcis Ocula Sprout
Carrot Sprout
Cave Tree Sapling
Celestia Sapling
Cerulean Tuba Sprout
Cherry tree Sapling
Chestnut Tree Sapling
Christmas Tree Sapling
Cocoa Tree Sapling
Cold Pinata Sprout
Cork Oak Tree Sapling
Corn Seeds
Cosmos Bush Sprout
Cotonia Gelata Sprout
Curious Cold Spores Sprout
Dark Cactus Sprout
Date Palm Tree Sapling
Delicate Crystal Tubes Sprout
Devil Thorns Sprout
Dolls Eye Sprout
Eerie Tree Sapling
Eggplant Sprout
Elsa Bardata Sprout
Floral Cactus Sprout
Folico Tears Sprout
Frozen Tree Sapling
Galvania Spicata Sapling
Garden Aster Sprout
Giant Viburnum Sprout
Ginger Sprout
Glow Tree Sapling
Grapevine Sprout
Green Cureleaf Sprout
Green Grass Seeds
Green Mushroom Sprout
Green Nanash Tree Sapling
Hairy Vervain Sprout
Holly Tree Sapling
Hops Sprout
Ice Spore Bulbs Sprout
Ixia Acuminata Sapling
Jangala Tree Sapling
Kiwi Tree Sapling
Lemon Tree Sapling
Lettuce Sprout
Litia Erborea Sprout
Lunatia Bulb Sprout
Magic Bean
Magmar Pine Tree Sapling
Mango Tree Sapling
Melon Sprout
Mitella Aculeatus Sprout
Onion Sprout
Orange Dahlia Sprout
Orange Diveria Sprout
Orange Tree Sapling
Palm Tree Sapling
Papaya Tree Sapling
Papyrus Sprout
Peach Tree Sapling
Pear Tree Sapling
Pepper Sprout
Pepperment Sprout
Pepria Tree Sapling
Phaoria Sapling
Plum Tree Sapling
Pomegranate Tree Sapling
Potato Sprout
Pumpkin Sprout
Purple Dropia Sprout
Purple Drops Tree Sapling
Rasberry Sprout
Red Drops Tree Sprout
Red Iris Sprout
Red Quark Tree Sapling
Red Spore Mushroom Sprout
Red Wintertulip Sprout
Shy Tulipa Sprout
Spruce Sapling
Strawberry Sprout
Sugar Cane Sprout
Sun Tulipa Sprout
Sunrise Blossom Sprout
Teal Iris Sprout
Tilia Purpured Sprout
Tomato Sprout
Tree Sapling
Uvularia Rubrum Tree Sapling
Vervain Bean
Violet Mushroom Sprout
Violet Typhus Tree Sapling
Watermelon Sprout
Wheat Seeds
white Bubblesedge Sprout
Wild Sweetbulbs Sapling
Wildenia Grena Sprout
Yellow Pods Sprout

Open Spoiler
Amethyst Block
Antanium Block
Aqua Dirt
Bamboo Wall
Black Cloth
Black Cloth
Black Leaves
Black Meteor Stone
Blue Cloth
Blue Dirt
Blue Leaves
Blue Pixel
Blue Sand Dune
Bone Wall
Bright Green Leaves
Bright Grey Sand
Bright Wood
Bright Wood Board
Bright Wood Panel
Bright Wood Planks
Bright Wood Wall
Bronze Block
Brown Cloth
Brown Dirt
Catacomb Bricks
Cavern Bricks
Cavern Brown Dirt
Citrine Block
Clay Bricks
Cold Dark Rock
Cold Dirt
Cold Ice Bricks
Cold Scarlet Dirt
Cold Violet Dirt
Copper Block
Cork Chunk
Cosmos Bricks
Cottage Bricks
Cracked Glass
Cracked Grey Rock
Cyan Cloth
Dark Blue Dirt
Dark Bricks
Dark Frozen Bricks
Dark Green Leaves
Dark Pharoah Bricks
Dark Spore Stone
Dark Voilet Dirt
Dark Wood
Dark Wood Board
Dark Wood Panel
Dark Wood Planks
Dark Wood Wall
Desert Rock
Diamond Block
Dirt Compact
Dream Crystal Bricks
Dura Stone
Emerald Rock
Frozen Dark Rock
Frozen Stone
Frozen Violet Dirt
Galvanuim Block
Glow Stone
Gold Block
Gold Ivory Bricks
Gold World Lock
Granite Bricks
Green Cloth
Green Dirt
Grey Cloth
Grey Wood
Grey Wood Board
Grey Wood Panel
Grey Wood Planks
Grey Wood Wall
Hard Dark Rock
Ice Bricks
Iron Block
Iron Window
Iron World Lock
Ivory Bricks
Ivory Stone
Large Frozen Bricks
Left Sloped Barn Roof
Left Sloped Bight Wood Planks
Left Sloped Bright Wood
Left Sloped Dark Wood
Left Sloped Dark Wood Planks
Left Sloped Grey Wood
Left Sloped Grey Wood Planks
Left Sloped Light Wood
Left sloped Light wood Planks
Left Sloped Roof Tiles
Left Sloped Wood
Left Sloped Wood Planks
Libary Bricks
Light Blue Cloth
Light Dirt
Light Sand
Light Wood
Light Wood Board
Light Wood Panel
Light Wood Planks
Light Wood Wall
Lime Green Cloth
Limestone Bricks
Magenta Cloth
Marble Bricks
Midnight Stone
Mineshaft Dirt
Mineshaft Rock
Mithril Block
Moonstone Bricks
Mossy Dark Bricks
Muddy Dirt
Navy Blue Dirt
Old Boited Panel
Old Bricks
Old Panel
Olive Green Leaves
Orange Cloth
Orange Leaves
Pale Brown Dirt
Pale Purple Dirt
Paleo Bricks
Paleo Dirt
Paleo Dirt Bricks
Paleo Hard Bricks
Palm Thatch Wall
Pharaoh Bricks
Pink Leaves
Poleo Bricks
Prison Bricks
Pristine Sand
Purple Cloth
Raw Ice
Red Arid Dirt
Red Carmine Dirt
Red Cloth
Right Sloped Barn Roof
Right Sloped Bright Wood
Right Sloped Bright Wood Planks
Right Sloped Dark Wood
Right Sloped Dark Wood Planks
Right Sloped Grey Wood
Right Sloped Grey Wood Planks
Right Sloped Light Wood
Right Sloped Light Wood Planks
Right Sloped Roof Tiles
Right Sloped Wood
Right Sloped Wood Planks
Roof Tile
Rose Cloth
Rouch Green Rock
Rough Iron Window
Rough Red Dirt
Rough Violet Dirt
Rough Wood Window
Ruby Block
Sand Bricks
Sand Compact
Sand Dune
Sapphire Block
Seth Ruins Bricks
Silicium Panels
Silver Block
Small Pharaoh Bricks
Snow Bricks
Soft Rock
Soft Rough Bricks
Soft Rought Rock
Stone Bricks
Stone Compact
Stucco Bricks
Stucco Wall
Swirly Mossy Dirt
Tanzanite Block
Teal Leaves
Thick Stone
Tiny Pyramid
Titanium Block
Titanium World Lock
Topaz Block
Tourmaine Block
Twight Obsidian
Undurium Bricks
Violet Dirt
Violet Leaves
White Cloth
White Leaves
White Rock
White Stone
White Wood
White Wood Panel
White Wood Planks
White Wood Wall
Wood Board
Wood Panel
Wood Planks
Wood Wall
Wood Window
Yellow Cloth

Open Spoiler
Soccer Ball
Eye Ball
Paper Plane
Red/Green/Purple Water Balloon
Flap Flop
Flying Fish
Blow Fish

Open Spoiler

Open Spoiler
Coming Soon

Open Spoiler
Black Thin Tulip
Blue Crinkly Aster
Blue Crinkly Peony
Blue Crinkly Rose
Blue Crooked Dandelion
Blue Spikey Daisy
Brown Avian Pods
Brown Barbed Myacinth
Brown Bowed Ortensia
Brown Crinkly Dandelion
Brown Dense Daisy
Brown Weeping Shy
Cyan Bowed Anemone
Cyan Faceted Iris
Cyan Foceted Magnolia
Cyan Plump Geranium
Cyan Spiked Aster
Cyan Thick Curly
Cyan Thick Iris
Cyan Tough Orchid
Cyan Vivid Vibe
Green Crinkly Narcissus
Green Crystallized Lotus
Green Hairy Corn
Green Thick Curly
Grey Bowed Azaled
Grey Crinkly Magenta
Grey Crystallized Sun
Grey Faceted Diveria
Grey Hairy Rose
Grey Plump Pods
Grey Plump Vibe
Grey Podgy Orchid
Grey Podgy Sun
Grey Prismatic Myacinth
Grey Sliced Curly
Grey Soft Magnolia
Grey Spikey Dandelion
Grey Thin Curly
Light Blue Bowed Lotus
Light Blue Dense Diveria
Light Blue Faceted Tulip
Lime Green Hairy Lotus
Lime Green Podgy Wild
Lime Green Prismatic Zinnia
Lime Green Thick Zinnia
Lime Green Wavy Diveria
Magenta Crooked Cyclamen
Magenta Crooked Iris
Magenta Crooked Tulip
Magenta Crooked Violet
Magenta Crystallized Tulip
Magenta Gaunt Diveria
Magenta Prismatic Magnolia
Magenta Sharp Cyclamen
Magenta Sliced Aster
Magenta Spikey Thistle
Orange Blooming Pods
Orange Curly Narcissus
Orange Piercing Iris
Orange Plump Curly
Orange Sliced Corn
Orange Tough Aster
Orange Wild Diveria
Orange Wild Vibe
Purple Bumpy Pods
Purple Coiled Curly
Purple Crystallized Daisy
Purple Dense Sun
Purple Faceted Thistle
Purple Prismatic Pods
Purple Slender Zinnia
Purple Wild Calla
Red Blooming Corn
Red Bowed Pansy
Red Crooked Orchid
Red Crooked Tulip
Red Faceted Iris
Red Piercing Ortensia
Red Plump Calla
Red Podgy Zinnia
Red Slender Tulip
Red Spiked Orchid
Red Thin Corn
Rose Slender Cyclamen
Rose Vivid Violet
Rose Wavy Pods
White Avian Aster
White Coiled Iris
White Crinkly Tears
White Crooked Daisy
White Crystallized Myacinth
White Crystallized Tears
White Dense Rose
White Sharp Magenta
White Sliced Iris
White Sliced Magenta
White Soft Diveria
White Soft Tears
White Thick Daisy
White Thick Myacinth
Yellow Blooming Tulip
Yellow Coiled Thistle
Yellow Fresh Corn
Yellow Gaunt Violet
Yellow Sliced Iris
Yellow Spiked Calla
Yellow Spikey Pods
Yellow Thick Pods
Yellow Thin Magnolia
Yellow Weeping Sun

Re: Yikem's Home

PostPosted: Thu Dec 18, 2014 11:04 am
by Manhunt202
I like it this is awsome i have been wanting to sort mine like this when you what do u want for the old barrel when you are done with ur amazing shop :)

Re: Yikem's Home

PostPosted: Fri Dec 19, 2014 3:32 am
by yikems
Manhunt202 wrote:I like it this is awsome i have been wanting to sort mine like this when you what do u want for the old barrel when you are done with ur amazing shop :)

i will not be open untill next month.. i just put this on here to make it pretty and see where i need to work and what else i need within it. tho if anyone had feedback on ideas or what not.. please message me:D

Re: 2.3 Yikem's Home (Christmas drops)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:45 am
by heixuansheng
Are you trading them now :) i wondered if you can trade me the falling star pet? i got some rare collectables and add me in GC

Re: 2.3 Yikem's Home (Christmas drops)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:56 am
by Dylan

Re: 2.3.1 Yikem's Home UD 4-19-15

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 11:47 pm
by yikems

Re: 2.3.1 Yikem's Home UD 4-19-15

PostPosted: Sat May 02, 2015 9:53 am
by luka122
Looks amazing how did you do that with the catogories ?

I am interested in trading to what are you looking for ?

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Thu May 21, 2015 1:52 pm
by SuperNintendo
Leaving a comment just in case you open it up for trading, unless when multiplayer still don't work :(

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 10:42 am
by SuperNintendo
Wait, you need Pentalober Legs? What will you make? I have some Pentalober Necklaces!

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 5:12 pm
by yikems
SuperNintendo wrote:Wait, you need Pentalober Legs? What will you make? I have some Pentalober Necklaces!

Pentalober Legs can not be gotten.. :( i need to take it off

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 6:01 pm
by Dylan
And what items may o get you?

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 6:16 pm
by yikems
i have a list of items i am looking for.. i will post them later today.. i am sure some arent in the game just yet or at all. but its in the item in game...

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 6:22 pm
by SolarPug
hello I will give you my unconditioned love and respect for a pair of Pegasus Boots

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 7:49 pm
by yikems
update my needs .. more will come after i do some mining

Re: 2.4 Yikem's Home UD 5-20-15 (List of New Goods)

PostPosted: Sat May 23, 2015 12:03 pm
by Achilles
I really need to explore the new world... All I have from it are decorations and the red coral helm lol