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looking for stuff to finish collections pls help

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looking for stuff to finish collections pls help

PostSun Jun 21, 2015 11:52 pm

fish i need

Amethyst Fish
Bluefin Pecker
Copper Fish
Crest Fluter
Cyano Fin
Diamond Fish
Exotic Parrotfish
False Shrimp
Green Nosediver
Luma Carp
Oryx Icefish
Parrot Fin
Purple Chub
Topaz Fish
Trigger Fish
Wavy Bogler

fish i got not on list

Soft Pettle

game collectables i need

- red foppy
- carnivore guy
- blue trax
- blue vinyl
- cure oninon
- green shroom
- green vinyl
- magenta shroom
- lemmin
- magenta vinyl
- light blue vinyl
- old barrel
- old duck
- new leaf
- red trax
- puffy bee
- blue bee
- red flying fish
- yellow vinyl
- white sheep
- orange vinyl
- trevor
- red vinyl


- ushanka clean
- shadowlurker pet clean
- the yellow rice hat i have blue one\
- catacomb weapons and dream crystal weapons (lost mine)

items in game i need not in game yet

- long fin scarab
- long fin pants


- belly bob
- blind skeleton
- crawler
- crocodile frost
- kaleb
- minotaur
- mummy
- swamp skull
- slime evolved
- spore gorgler
- lume gator
- gnawler

if you got any of this let me know i will trade w/e you want preferably at a 1:1 ratio
willmassi is my gc



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Re: looking for stuff to finish collections pls help

PostWed Jul 29, 2015 9:57 pm

I have lot if this item!!!! If you want trade add me, my gc id is "Lsd Hunter"

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