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Kynalia's rare shop!

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Kynalia's rare shop!

PostSat Sep 12, 2015 12:18 am


List of each box (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right) A 1.vintage console 2.super gamepad 3.jack phone 4.music player, B 1.pink ghost 2.Red plumber 3.Cute cat 4.Pink fluffy , C 1.soft cloud 2.Dual gamepad 3.Snow crystal 4.Orange gun , D 1.Prison hat 2.cone hat 3.wega mask 4.pilgrim hat, E 1.glasses 3d shirt 2.diving helm 3.pirate dress 4.ushanka, F 1.propeller benie 2.yellow racing helmet 3.top hat 4.swamp skull head, G 1.red pac girl 2.tiny santa 3.carpet shell 4.strength triangle, H 1.red rugby helmet 2.tiny comet 3.painting 8 4.painting 7, i 1.blast helm 2.lucky necklace 3.painting 3 4.painting 13, J 1.red fantasy dress 2.red gangster hat 3.fez 4.love shirt, K 1.frost ivory set helm 2.cosmos set helm 3.frost ivory set chest 4. Cosmos set chest, L 1.slutch set helm 2.cave set helm 3.slutch set chest 4.cave set chest, M 1.witch hat (diamond encrusted) 2.krake set helm 3.Wizard dress 4.krake set chest, N 1.reindeer hat 2.Jester cap 3.thin purple glasses 4.monocle, O 1.yellow plumber hat 2.red plumber hat 3.matador cap 4.bowler hat, P 1.purple plumber hat 2.silicium golem head (emerald encrusted) 3.pirate hat 4.glasses, Q 1.frosted ivory set legs 2.cosmos set legs(tourmaline encrusted) 3.frost ivory set feet 4.cosmos set feet, R 1.slutch set legs 2.cave set legs 3.slutch set feet 4.cave set feet, S 1.wizard pants 2.krake set legs 3.wizard shoes 4.pegasus boots (diamond encrusted). Will trade for any rares I don't have as well as any rare pet except witches broom and black witches cat pets. I'm not very familiar with the trading system but I'm sure I can figure it out, I do have a scale though.
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