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[Steam] List Of Things Ill Trade For

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[Steam] List Of Things Ill Trade For

PostSat May 14, 2016 12:47 pm

Well since I have to make a fresh start agian it makes the game new agian, sadly I have no one to play with... Anyways I would Atleast would like to trade with some one. I dont have much but I will do My best to afford anything I can. Here is the LIst of Things I need or want.


Minerals of any sort in any Quantity

Portals of any type

Soft Rough bricks, I need tons of these, they are found in terra in Mushroom biomes. I havent found another place yet.

Bottom less chests center

a friend to play with

Feathers of any sort including the actual Feathers

Wood! And Lots of it! Any Sort! Perferably the Normal one in terra!

lots of salt and glass

Thats all for now, Thanks!
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Looking for a Friend to Play With on Steam



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Re: [Steam] List Of Things Ill Trade For

PostSun Jan 15, 2017 3:48 am

Wanna play with me? I also looking for a friend, my steam is 'the mysterious kid'

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