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how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...(updated)

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:30 pm
by <<< T.O.N.I >>>
Moderator Note: HEX tutorials for JJ1 are not against the rules. - Multi

hello everyone,today im going to show you how to hex edit and also hex editing codes in JJ1...i dont know that how i hex edit is right but it almost works every time
For me...follow the steps im going to show you and 
WARNING !!!!! 
Do not enter random codes or your inventory will freeze
to hex edit you need to things:
after you downloaded those from cydia do this... home button two times to multitask(if you dont have multitask dont do this step)...when you multitasked if you see the junk jack icom delete it by holding the icon for 2-3 seconds and than in the right top a (-) will apear press that...
2.after you are done with multitasking go to myFile and than go to var/mobile/applications/and find the junk jack folder and go to documents and find charinfo.dat
And press it...after that scroll down to hex edit and press it and after that you will find random numbers and such like 

0000ffff ffff0000 00000000
ffff0000 00000000 0000ffff
0000ffff 0000ffff 00000000

and chose one but like 0000ffff
and chose which one you like and type in a code like example:
a100 but to ad that code you need to delete the ...ffff...
And type it in like this 0000a100
or a1000000 type in a code like that and exit myFile...

3.after you exited myFile go to 
iFile and go to var/mobile/aplicattions find the junk jack folder and go to documents and dont press charinfo.dat but as you see at the end of the charinfo.dat you
will see a (>) like this press that and it will open up and go down to acess permissions and you will se 3 acess permission press the first one and tap read,write,execute after you done that do it the same with the other two press done and exit iFile...

4.after you exited iFile go to junk jack press continue and open your inventory and there you have it...

here are some hex editing codes:

a100-iron ingot
a101-cut saphire
a102-eggplant sprout
a103-wood support
a104-watermelon pie
a105-chocolate cupcake
a302-painting 6
a303-half bear
a304-Watermelon milkshake
a305-apple milkshake
a306-peach milkshake
a400-pink donut
a403-canadia flower
a405-mushroom quiche
a406-eggplant soup
a500-silver topaz cross
a505-eggplant omelette
a506-french fries
a600-portable vintage console
a603-gold toth
a605-eggplant parmesson
a700-saphire hand of gold
a703-mining helmet
a704-cherry biscuit
a705-onion pizza
a706-chiken frenchfry
a802-fat fish
a803-the ring
a805-bacon chiken breast
a806-french fries pizza
a900-oual necklace
a901-infinity amethyst
a902-small necklace
a905-empy ice cream cone
a906-blackberry ice cream
b100-big silver ring
b103-butcher broom
b104-green grass seeds
b105-white bear leather
b202-clay pot
b203-bunny tail
b205-christmas hat
b301-egypt statue head
b302-empy vial
b303-black liquid vial
b305-penguin collar
b401-egypt statue middle
b402-wood fence
b403-skull mandible
b404-hanging skeleton
b405-penguin feather
b500-cooper block
b501-egypt statue base
b502-green grass
b503-gooed skull
b504-white bat
b505-ice sword
b600-cyan yarn
b603-crescent moon
b604-halloween candy
b702-chestnut fruit
b703-slime eye
b704-magic wand
b705-stone golem statue
b800-maya bridge
b801-maya stone
b803-gun powder
b804-iron sword (amethyst)
b805-iron pickaxe (saphire)
b900-half wood planks
b902-small wood cabinet
b903-zombie arm
b904-right sloped clay bricks
b905-mithril arrow
c100-silver ingot
c101-cut emerald
c102-blueberry sprout
c103-straight wood support
c104-lemon orange pie
c105-Blueberry cupcake
c302-painting 8
c303-bear head
c304-banana milkshake
c305-chocolate milkshake
c306-blackberry cupcake
c400-white donut
c401-vintage gamepad
c404-Eggplant quiche
c405-Wurstel quiche
c406-Carrot soup
c504-Onion omelette
c505-Mushroom omelette
c506-lettuce meat pepper
c600-Toy mushroom
c605-Boar ribs with grape
c606-mozzarella bacon
c700-magma stone of gold
c703-vintage glasses
c705-corn ribs
c706-French fries bacon
c800-Blue lollipop
c802-Flower vase
c805-wurstel with bacon
c806-Pepper omelete
c901-big jewel plate
c903-Red spray can
c904-Roasted corn
c905-Ice cream
c906-pear ice cream

The new codes:

d103-roof tile
d200-gold necklace
d202-tiki torch
d203-cottage bricks
d301-skull statue head
d302-white liquid vial
d304-halloween pumpkin lighting
d401-skull statue middle
d404-halloween pumpkin
d405-valentine bow
d500-iron block
d501-skull statue base
d502-chest left piece
d503-slime ribcage
d504-gold halloween chest
d600-green yarn
d601-small closed
d602-bottomlees chest
d603-bone dost
d701-hell stone
d703-roof tiles 
d704-pumpking torch
d705-mummy pharaoh statue
d801-maya snake spyral
d802-strange stone
d803-zombie skin
d804-iron shovel(ruby)
d805-iron sword (sapphire)
d900-half stone bricks
d901-plate rock
d902-trap door
d903-zombie marshmallow
d905-antanium arrow
e100-copper ingot
e101-cut ruby
e102-grapevine sprout
e104-strawberry pie
e105-melon cupcake
e200-fat goblet
e204-grape pudding
e205-chocolate pudding
e302-melon sprout
e303-bear skeleton
e304-orange milkshake
e305-cream and strawberries
e401-painting 1
e402-lemon tree sapling
e404-onion quiche
e405-chiken cactus soup
e406-bacon soup
e500-old bone
e504-tomato omelette
e505-wurstel omelete
e506-lettuce beans soup
e602-frut drink bottle
e604-pizza margherita
e605-eggplants ribs
e606-tomato mozzarella salad
e700-topaz gold amulet
e701-gold cup jewel
e702-hip bone
e705-corn chiken breast
e706-french fries wurstel
e800-candy cane
e803-red ribon
e805-ham bacon
e902-maya gold trinket
e903-giant hammer
e904-pumking meat
e905-melon ice cream
e906-grape ice cream
f203-half cottage bricks
f300-blue leaf
f301-iron bar
f302-red liquid vial
f303-rib knife
f400-tree sapling
f405-valentine arrow
f500-mithril block
f502-chest center piece
f600-orange yarn
f603-gem socket
f701-mayan snake
f703-maya mask
f704-skull torch
f705-worm statue
f800-violet mushroom
f802-egypt flat stone
f803-half roof tile
f804-iron pickaxe (ruby)
f805-iron shovel (emerald)
f900-half sand bricks
f901-mossy gravelstone
f902-roasted chiken meat
f903-iron pot
f905-ice arrow

NEW codes coming soon

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 8:53 pm
by Apple3001

Re: how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...

PostPosted: Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:11 pm
by LumberJack400
Looks like your bans gone! Welcome back¡

Re: how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:50 pm
by <<< T.O.N.I >>>
thanks hope this post isnt a rule breaker

Re: how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:57 pm
by <<< T.O.N.I >>>
apple 3001 i know there is a video on youtube about how to hex edit but it isnt on this forum

Re: how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...

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by LumberJack400
Most (if not all) rules are found here viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14180

Re: how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...

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by <<< T.O.N.I >>>
thanks again

Re: how to hexEdit tutorial and hexEditing codes...(updated)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 6:21 pm
by <<< T.O.N.I >>>
big update of hexcodes coming soon so if you like codes chek after a few days