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This is a Legacy Forum!

This forum is intended to speak about code bugs and crashes
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This is a Legacy Forum!

PostThu Aug 29, 2013 4:49 am

This sub-forum, "Report Bugs," was designed for reporting bugs of the original Junk Jack.
However, seeing as Junk Jack can no longer be updated, (thanks, Apple), we ask that all Junk Jack X-related bugs be reported HERE.

Thank You!

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This was what Stuart98 originally wrote here, but I felt the wording was unclear.
Keeping the original post just because:

This forum is for Junk Jack 1 bugs, and, as Junk Jack 1 can no longer be updated any bug reports are useless. Any Junk Jack X bugs should be placed in the report bugs subforum in the Junk Jack X section.
Thanks, Stuart98.
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