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[2.3.1, medium] peaceful and very hard

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[2.3.1, medium] peaceful and very hard

PostThu Apr 23, 2015 9:34 pm

(Funnier subtitle: Difficulty difficulties :dentone: )

I was busy vertically stripmining Yuca in Peaceful and ran into a locked chest. So I unlocked it and switched the difficulty to Very Hard before I was going to open it, but something came up in real life(tm) and I had to put down the ipad for awhile.

When I got back, I went into the level and broke open the chest. Unfortunatly, I was a little slow on the draw and before I could swap back to Peaceful, an Ivory Golem landed on my head (I was crushed.... In both senses of the word :dentone: ). I thought that I was going to have to race down there to get my gear back, but the death screen that came up was the one for Peaceful.. (Don't worry. You haven't lost any of your items.).

Sure enough, I still had all my gear on me. I quickly exited the level and checked to verify that the game was still set on Very Hard (which it was). So I quickly switched it back to Peaceful.

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