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Planet Idea

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Planet Idea

PostSat Jul 11, 2015 9:56 am

Woot! Finally back-ish.
Anyways, ive had this idea for a long time. Ive actually made one before, but decided not to post it.
So here is the idea.
A planet. A planet that never receives light. A dayless planet. A planet without any day, and is always dark.
Dark Planet(Please dont leave, i know the name sucks, but bear with me!)

Basic Info
This planet, as said before, never has any light. All mobs will therefore look like those ridiculous underwater sea creatures, meaning most mobs will produce light, have bulging and big eyes, and the like. Some flora will glow, much like the glow trees in Alba, others as dark as dark.

Flora(Just bear with the names :D )
Gloomwood Tree- Wood that is dark.. what more is there to say
Shimmerdim Tree- Wood that glows in a dark blue hue.
Dimwood Tree: Greyish Purpleish wood.
Shade Flower: Dark Flower!
Shadow Mushroom: Dark Mushroom!
Shimmergloom Vine: Underground vines that glow..why not?
Nightlessgale: Underground Tree that grows on Shadestone and glows in a dark blue hue.

Blob Creature: Big Fat Creature. Like the blobfish, but more humanoid and darker skin
Bat: Flying mob that will only be hostile when attacked.
Giant Bat: Flying mob that will always be evil, and bigger, and badder.
Crawler: Snake Like dark mob.
Lurker: Mob that throws rocks at you
Beit: Mob that glows and shoots glow slime at you.
Glow Slime: A slime that drops nothing when killed.
Groot: huge Dark Tree-like mob that throws branches and logs at you.

Geographic Features
Composed of Dark Dirt, Shimmerdim Dirt(or Blue Glow Dirt), and Dim Dirt, a dirt that is less dark than dark dirt.

Underground: Composed of Shadestone and many underground stuff

Near Bed Rock: Composed on lots of Hard Dim Rocks, rocks that can only be destroyed by the strongest explosives. Youll still want to visit this part of the planet for reasons below.

Crashed Spaceship: A spaceship like object with chests that contain Terra Items. Hull will be made up of either Copper or Iron with some Gold.

Crater: Big oval semicircle patch. Around 30 blocks wide and the middle around 20 blocks deep. The middle will contain some Hard Dim rocks that can only be destroyed by the strongest of explosives. Encased in this special rocks will be a chest that drops a lot of Galvanium or Titanium Ores.

Ancient Technology: A big indestructible pyramid like structure. At the top contains 1 hole where a special item can be placed to change the planet. Only 1 of these will generate in this world.

Ancient Machine: An oval with unique futuristic stuff.

Shrine: A biome with ritualistic themed stuff.

Retransformer: A biome that is found near bedrock. Will contain an unusually high amount of mobs. The structure cannot be destroyed by anything, even by explosives, kind of like a dungeon. Contains an item called Daylight Manipulator that when placed in the Ancient Technology biome will make the planet have daylight forever, until the item is removed.

Thats all, please post opinions about the idea.
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Re: Planet Idea

PostSat Jul 11, 2015 12:41 pm

We still don't have villages, why would we have broken space ships..?
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Re: Planet Idea

PostSat Jul 11, 2015 5:40 pm

Nice ideas, very creative.
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Re: Planet Idea

PostSat Jul 11, 2015 7:27 pm

Name: Something that contains part of the word "Evil" and another word that means dark.

But not bad idea. It gets a 6/10. Hey, at least it is over 5.
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Re: Planet Idea

PostSun Jul 12, 2015 5:44 am

If this is added, Magmar can say goodbye...there is a far more dangerous planet...and I like it! Internal darkness sounds great. NO SARCASM! Please add!
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