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Improved geology + generated structures

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Improved geology + generated structures

PostTue Aug 22, 2017 1:24 am

One thing I have noticed about the planets in jjx is that aside from different coloured dirt, grass, and trees the layout of the ground is basically the same. I think the planets would benefit from having their own unique terrain. some of them could also become home to generated structures. I'll go through all the planets and explain what I had in mind. But these are just my ideas. I wanna hear what other people think to! :) :asd: :)

Of all the planets I think Thetis could be changed the most. Thetis is the marine/oacen planet right? But it realy doesn't have more water than any other planets. Wouldn't it be awesome if it had vast oacens with only islands of dry land. They should be deep with sea weed and what not. Here's an image of what I had in mind.
Open Spoiler

Alba could have some floating islands? That even a good idea? It already has them in the background. If there was floating islands they could have water falls flowing off them.

I think magmar would be suited for some volcanos. Is basically one big volcano already.

Lilith could have some large craters. They would match the barren moon like surface quite well.

Seth is perfect terrain wise but it could have a structure. I think the structure is obvious.. A pyramid!

Umbra could have a haunted house or maybe an abandoned observatory :^o

I think yuca could have some sort of temple

I can't come up with any decent ideas for xeno, mykon, cyro, or tor. If anyone has ideas go ahead and post em!
I would love to hear people's feedback and input !
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Re: Improved geology + generated structures

PostSat Sep 09, 2017 3:15 am

Maybe Cryo could have a little more water on the surface with Big Sharp Ice Crystals representing icebergs? :dunno:

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